Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wondering Why?

I went out yesterday to meet another rescue so we could transfer one of their dogs to us. Her name is Daisy and she is a very cute Corgi mix. This girl comes with a very sad story, her owner died and wasn't found for 3-4 days after meanwhile Daisy laid by her owners side I'm sure not understanding what had happened. The family of her owner took her in but they locked her away in a garage for 6-8 weeks, why would you take her in if you were just going to lock her away? She has obviously suffered terribly, and has the mental scars to prove it. In the other rescue she has been making progress, but they are more of a shelter and wanted to see Daisy get into a home environment. So our leader, Ellen, decided we could give her a try. You see Daisy is not very socialized, I'm sure being locked in a garage for almost 2 months didn't help, she needs a lot of love and patients to make her feel comfortable. I'll be getting Daisy from the vet this evening and driving her to meet her new foster mom and dad, lets hope they all like each other right away, so this girl can go on to her new life.

I have come to the conclusion that Piper has probably had some abuse in her life. When you
approach her to pick her up, she immediately rolls on her back and wet's all over herself. She is such a sweet and well mannered baby, I just don't understand why someone would abuse her? I hope with time to be able to show her that no one is going to hurt her again and she doesn't need to be scared. The number of animals that we see that have faced abuse in their life is staggering, overwhelming and for me sickening.

It was a sad day at JCAC yesterday, there were 5 adoptable dogs put to sleep, 2 of which really didn't even have a chance. Baxter and Ottis were dumped by their owners because they were moving, they were just turned in 4 days ago. I wonder if people understand what their pets chance's are of being saved when they are turned in to a shelter or animal control facility, or if they just don't care. Why do you get a pet if your going to lock it away, abuse it or dump it?

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