Saturday, August 28, 2010

Transitions In The Davis Pack

There has been a lot of transitions going on in the Davis pack, especially this week. With Piper becoming a member, Gemma being new and Mr. Teddy here for a visit, its interesting to see the dogs bonding and showing their rank in the pack. As I stated before Gemma definitely loves other dogs but I have noticed this week she has a special love for Duncan, and if she had her pick I think her would be the one she would keep close to her all the time. Not sure why but she does seek him out between all the dogs, maybe he makes her feel safe or has a calming effect on her. As you can see in this picture, Duncan is fine with being close to Gemma and you can see the peace on her face, like she is really comfortable. This is a very good thing since Duncan is our most well behaved dog!

Hazel and Piper are working on the ranks in the house, Hazel has definitely always been low man in the pack but she is letting Piper know that she is now the low man. Its nothing huge, or vicious, she has lately, like just later this week, refused to play with Piper. This picture is from earlier this week, they were actually playing and Hazel was cleaning Pipers ears.Piper will try to initiate play by rubbing up against Hazel, but for some reason Hazel is taking this as being pushy, and dominate over her. I wish I understood what they were communicating with each other, and how to read those signs. Hazel has been quite gentle about communicating to Piper that "No way chic, you are on bottom now!" She gets upset when Piper tries to initiate this play by putting her ears back and making a growly sound, if Piper doesn't listen Hazel will knock her down and stand over her. It is so interesting to me how the dogs know that Piper is officially joining their pack, I can't recall ever seeing them have this transition with any fosters. Its also funny how this in no way effects the higher ranked dogs, Duncan, Izzy or Cashew, its strictly between Hazel and Piper. I am letting them work it out and only plan on intervening if necessary.

Lucky Dog Boutique had a ice cream social today that benefited the Bi-State Pet Food Pantry  I took Isabelle and Piper with me, they absolutely LOVED the ice cream! I met one of our fosters there too, she fosters Saburo a beautiful, sweet, well mannered standard red doxie. We had a great time and it was for a great cause, the Pet Food Pantry is a blessing for a lot of animals and people that in this economy can't afford to feed their pets. Kudos to Lucky Dog and Bi- State Pet Food Pantry!!!

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