Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Frustrations Are Building

Tonight I am so frustrated I feel like I want to scream at the top of my lungs. Why do people not feel the same way that I do about my dogs? How can you look at a living breathing soul and think that they are up for trade or disposal? Today is one of those days that seriously I want to go hide in my bedroom and never emerge again! The shelters are bursting at the seams right now, with adoptable animals that we have absolutely NO place to go with, these poor animals are also victims of irresponsible people that don't care one lick of what happens to their so called "beloved pet". This boy pictured here is one of those dogs, he has been overlooked, I guess because there is nothing "special" about him, but there is something special about him, right now he is alive and he is a sweet boy that needs to get out of JCAC, he will most likely be on the euth list tomorrow.

This dog along with many others haunt me at night, when I close my eye's I see them all, the ones we are fighting tooth and nail to get out and the ones that we have failed to get out that really deserved another chance some are old, some are young and have never even begun to live. Anybody that thinks spaying or neutering is cruel, think again, whats cruel is these adoptable animals young and old being put to sleep before their time, lingering for weeks, months and even years in a shelter to only be put sleep in the end anyways. I have also heard people say we will run out of dogs if they are all spayed and neutered, anyone that says that is just a plain ignorant person.

If only people in this world took the idea of getting a pet seriously, it might just help with the overflow of unwanted animals. No matter what changes in your life you need to remain dedicated to your responsibilities. It is just like having children, and until everyone in the world see's pet ownership like that millions of animals will continue to die.

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  1. We will never run out of dogs! I hate it when people think like that. I know exactly how you feel. But with just one that gets saved, just one counts a lot.