Friday, December 31, 2010

On The Eve Of A New Year

As most people in this world, this day gets me thinking about what I want to change for the year of 2011. Well there are a lot of things I would like to change but I try to be realistic about what I know I can change. I could say I want to loose weight, or I will quit smoking but I know in my heart that I probably won't follow through with those :) This year I'm thinking more along the lines of just trying to have a little more fun, maybe do a few more things for me. Somehow I do everything for everyone else first and by the time that is all done I'm to exhausted to take a little time to do something for myself. Oh don't get me wrong, part of what I cherish is doing things for other people and animals, it does make me happy but I think I might take a little time to maybe make a trip to Borders Book Store, or enjoy a cup of Starbucks coffee. Just a few small things, that's all I need.

I live in the world of rescue, sometimes its good but there is always bad, I can always look on facebook or in my emails and see how some poor animal has been abused, neglected or abandoned. It makes me sad most of the time, so sometimes I need a little pick me up. It helps looking at my babies here, and knowing they enjoy their life and I give them everything I can but I think I need to do something to get away from it, even if its just a few moments. That's why I think just doing a few things for myself would help me coupe with the rescue world.

The snow we had on Christmas eve and day has melted now, but I did get a few pictures of the dogs in the snow. Here's Hazel, she absolutely loves the snow. I will have to get a picture of the girls after they come in from a romp in the thick snow, their hair attracts snow balls, so they come in with thousands of little snow balls all over their body. Its comical but hard to get off, they've learned to go to the rug and pick them off before getting on the furniture. Thank goodness!

 Here's Cashew, checking things out. I never understood how dogs could hate the rain so much but love the snow. Honestly I could do without both, but I do understand nature needs it, so I guess I will have to tolerate it ;) As you can see the snow in our yard doesn't stay nice and fluffy for long. With 6 dogs romping in it, it gets all printed up quick.

 At last here's a picture of Dooley. If you look real close you can see some snow on his nose.

 Tonight we are having corn beef and cabbage for our New Years dinner, something I haven't had in years. The dogs are getting a meal of kibble and apples. We are hoping for a healthy happy New Year for all :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What A Wonderful Christmas!!!

This Christmas was wonderful for us. Of course I enjoyed that my mom and dad came home to spend Christmas with us, but something about this Christmas was peaceful. The dogs are set with toys, beds and treats for long time to come, that makes them happy and anything that makes them happy makes me happy. Check out this toy pig my brother and soon to be sister in law got Duncan. Its a soft rubber like material that oinks when you squeeze it. Duncan is actually scared of it but Piper and Dooley LOVE it! I think Dunc might start to like it eventually but its going to take him awhile.

Aunt Gloria got them a big pack of all natural Christmas bones, we haven't opened them yet, they have so many treats I'm trying to use whats opened before I open more, I plan on trying them too once we open them :) Don't they look yummy?

Dooley is doing better and better everyday, he gets medicated baths once a week and his ears cleaned every other day. Yesterday he was kinda limping on his front foot, when I looked at it I realized why. A big hunk of fungus was coming off one of his pads, we got that off and all is well. He of course has made his way into our bed, I don't know how we all sleep. 6 dogs and 2 humans in a king sized bed, especially when one of those dogs weighs 70lbs! He like all my doxie's loves the snow! I was throwing snowballs to then the other day, he would catch them and take off running like he had a real ball in his mouth, then he would try to spit it out and couldn't figure why nothing was there LOL it was quite comical. I love watching dogs run in the snow, it always brings a smile to my face.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a great New Year, we plan on celebrating ours at home with the dogs. That's they way we like it :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

T'was The Night Before Christmas....

and my house is a mess :) Since we are going to my brother and his fiance's house tomorrow afternoon for Christmas and David has to work in the morning, the dogs got to open their gifts today. First we just let them open their dog beds this morning, that was a total riot! I wasn't sure what to expect Dooley to do but he was ripping and tearing at that paper like a nut. Duncan and him are basically the ones that opened the beds, while the girls sat back and watched. In this picture him and Duncan are giving it a team effort. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. There is something about watching dogs open presents that is so comical.

 This is what happens after you have worked really hard to open a present, he couldn't even make it to the bed before he crashed LOL There was not a inch of the floor that wasn't covered with shredded wrapping paper! I don't care it was worth cleaning the mess up just watching them tear into it.We let them open the rest of their presents tonight, they each got a new toy. Everyone participated in the unwrapping this time. Cashew and Hazel took theirs to the bedroom to open theirs and the rest done theirs in the family room, this means I had wrapping paper strode from one end of the house to the other :) even under the bed HAHA!

I feel truly blessed this Christmas, and wish all of you the same.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Great Gathering And A Little About Dooley

Today a few of us fosters in the group met at The Blue Owl Restaurant & Bakery in Kimmswick for breakfast/lunch. I think a good time was had by all, I know I enjoyed myself. We done a secret Santa gift exchange and just sat around and talked, there is nothing better than being in the company of good people and having good food around never hurts :)

After wards we walked down to one of the many shops in Kimmswick, the Christmas Haus, its filled to the brim with anything and everything Christmas! I've been to Kimmswick once before but its been quite a few years ago. You can't help but get in the Christmas spirit, after having a wonderful meal with friends, exchanging gifts and visiting stores like this. They have just about any kind of ornament you can think of, they even had jellyfish ornaments as one of my friends wonderful son pointed out to me.

They have a "fake" Santa set up in this shop, but he really does look life like, in fact a few of us had the discussion that it was kinda creepy.  I had to take a picture of him, he even had finger nails that looked real. I told one of my friends, when I was a kid I was petrified of Santa Claus. My cousins used to make fun of me, how can you be scared of a man that brings you presents but I was convinced there was something mean about Santa. Every picture I ever had taken with Santa, I was crying, or my eye's were bulging out of my head in fear. I don't know where those pictures are now but I'm glad their not around to remind me of how silly I was to be so scared of Santa Claus. In my opinion, Santa could come down my chimney just long enough to leave the presents under the tree and that was it! There is nothing better than being a kid at Christmas time, it of course was my favorite time of the year, some of my best childhood memories are from spending time with my family at Christmas. That is one thing I wish I could have back, my childhood outlook on Christmas, its just not the same after you "grow up".

After I got home and fed the dogs we took a long winters nap :) Then I decided to give Dooley a bath. It was something else trying to coax this big moose baby to get in the tub. Once in the tub he was great, he didn't even shake water all over the place! I was going to wait till tomorrow but I just couldn't stand the flaky, crusty scabs that needed to come off him. I know this sounds funny but I'm a "picker" anytime I pet him I'm constantly picking the scabs and flakes off, I think its a OCD thing ;) Now that we have increased his frequency of taking the prednisone he is not near as itchy. I gotta say, I'm in total love with this boy, he is such a big baby. He loves to cuddle up and doesn't care what I do to him, he just lays there like "Ok, whatever." This poor guy has some really nasty ears, its a work in progress but one day they'll clear up. I clean them every other day and put medicine drops in. I thought it was his body that still had a smell to it but its not, its his ears. He has been horribly neglected, I do kinda wish I knew his story because I can tell he was cared for at one time in his life, they cared enough to teach him commands and manners. He is going to make such a great addition to someones family!

Dooley wishes everyone a goodnight!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Lettin Loose....

Yesterday Dooley's personality started to shine, he just had a little more pep in his step and he started talking to me by huffing and puffing with his mouth open, its very cute. Today he is really starting to let loose, I think he is starting to feel better. He is not holding his back leg up as much as before. His left back leg and foot is just horribly infected and covered in fungus, but it must be starting to feel better because he is using it much more. Its amazing what just a couple days worth of rest and medication can do.

As you can see in this picture he doesn't have much hair left on his back or tail. Today he does seem a little more itchy than the days before. He probably needs another medicated bath but has to wait a few more days so his neuter site can heal more. A lot of his scabs, flakes and crusts are coming off, I'll take that as a good sign he is healing. I have a coat that fits him perfectly, so he can stay warm till his hair grows back.

Today he showed us how much he really likes toys, as you can see in this picture. He completely entertains himself and us. Course the fun police (Izzy and Cashew) around here gets upset and starts barking at him, but he doesn't seem to care LOL Earlier today he had all the pillows thrown off the sofa, while he rolled and rooted around with a toy in his mouth, whatta goofball! I really don't want him on the sofa, cause he still has a smell to him but I can't make him get down, I just don't have it in me :) He just seems so happy. This rustling around lasted all of about 5 minutes, he is now crashed right behind me, on a dog bed, snoring, as I type.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Christmas Miracle

I do believe in miracles, maybe not as much as other people but on occasion I have witnessed some very amazing things, that can be called nothing but a miracle. I've been watching the JCAC board, its a site that all the animals that are at this animal control facility is listed on, whether they are stray or owner surrenders. I really haven't been keeping track of that board for sometime now because I really have been busy with many other things but for some reason I was drawn to keep my eye on it. I know why now, a couple weeks ago I was struck by the picture of a dog on this site, he had obvious skin irritation, and infected wounds. There was something in his eye's that was talking to me and he reminded me entirely too much of my Duncan. I have been looking at that picture daily, sometimes multiple times a day, and every time I peered into this dogs eye's I could see pain and misery, but there was still a twinkle, a lust for life, a good life.......I kept trying to push his pleading eye's out of my mind but still couldn't help but look at his picture and wish I could help him. I knew I couldn't take him, he was a big dog and I already had a foster here, on top of my own 5 dogs, it would have been way to much dog in my house.

A couple days ago I got a email from one of the volunteers at JCAC, with a list of EXTRA URGENT animals on it. Basically extra urgent means, this is the last chance for these animals, as euthanasia day is approaching and the shelter is full. When I opened the email, I found this staring back at me.This is the picture I have been obsessed with for weeks. I knew it was now or never, I had to figure out how to help this baby, so the wheels started turning. As guilty as it made me feel, I started wondering if anyone in our group would consider fostering Radar, so I could make room for this guy. I emailed Ellen, the leader of our group, asked her if she had any suggestions on how I could save this guy? She thought maybe she could find a place for Radar, but she wanted to go up to JCAC and check this big boy out. She and I were a little concerned because the Sharpei breed can be dog aggressive. While she went up to JCAC I called Adel, one of the volunteers, and it just so happened she was at the shelter so I explained the situation and asked her to dog test him. A little later in the day Ellen and Adel reported he seemed fine with other dogs and was just a docile, calm fella. Ellen also told me that she thought maybe one of our fosters, Kelly would take Radar. Meanwhile my guilt is growing, I was feeling horrible about turning Radar over to a new foster, him and I have a bond, we understand each other and I just knew he would think I gave up on him, or maybe think I didn't love him anymore. I emailed a couple of my friends in the group asking for advice. Lesa and Kim immediately told me, you are not giving up on him, you have brought him a long way and now its time for him to expand his horizons and for you to save a life. A special Thank You to Kim and Lesa, I needed that!

Well Kelly agreed to give little Radar a try and that meant I could get this boy out of the shelter so he could get some much needed medical care and on the road to recovery. I met Kelly last night with little Radar, of course on the way there he was giving me some serious doe eye's, I couldn't help but cry. I've had good and bad times with little Radar, the good far out weighs the bad. I've watched him grow into a affectionate, loving companion, and I think I've grown a little too. Thank you Radar for the experience of watching you blossom and learn to trust, I love you buddy and always will.

Ellen picked up my new foster yesterday and delivered him to the vet for some medical care and his neuter surgery. I went by the vets office this morning to pick up him up. Dooley has a bad skin condition caused from a flea allergy, that turned into a nasty dermatitis, yeast and fungal infection. He has a long road of recovery ahead of him but he is already as sweet as pie. Dooley is doing fine with the Davis pack and ignoring the more vocal ones :) This boy was someones loved companion at one time, he does know some commands and seems to be house trained. I don't know what happened with Dooley's former owners but he doesn't have to worry about ever being neglected like this again, I'll make sure of that. Thank you for my Christmas miracle.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Lately the Davis household has been slow but progressive. I've been trying to get deep cleaning done in the house, send out Christmas cards and get presents wrapped. While my part is slow, Radar seems to be making great strides, I am so proud of my boy, he really is trying very hard to become a normal dog. Lately he has been hanging out with us in the living room, now even when David is home. He has also went outside for David a couple times, this is HUGE, even though once he gets out the door he turns around and starts barking at him. He really is ready for a home of his own, he still needs a special home but I know now he can overcome his fears and be what he was meant to be, a loving family member.

I plan on taking him to Petco for a adoption event for a couple hours tomorrow, we'll see if we can strike the interest of that special adopter :) Oh and I almost forgot to mention that I left him the other day for 1 hour and came home to a CLEAN crate!! I was SOO excited, I don't know if it was a fluke or not but we'll soon find out. I'm really hoping its starting to click with him, he seems to have all of a sudden realized he shouldn't potty in the house and totally understandx what I mean when I say "Do you need to go outside and potty?" he bolts to the door, dances around and sometimes even throws out a few barks. I'm hoping to soon be able to say he is POTTY TRAINED! That is a wonderful word in the world of rescue, we wish they were all potty trained, it would make our lives much easier and our houses much cleaner :)

Meanwhile my gang is getting progressively anxious for the visit from Grandma and Grandpa, when I mention it, it sends them into pure excitement. You know the kind of excitement you see when you've been gone all day and you come home to jumping, crying, licking dogs? They all love their Grandma and Grandpa, mainly I think its because they know they can get away more when they are here :) of course they get many more treats than usual also! 

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Couple Updates

While I was at the Holiday Magic event on Friday, a woman and her kids came up to our table and said "We love our dog we adopted from you" I had to take a good look at her and then it dawned on me, they were the people that adopted Delila, she is a 35lb Beagle mix that I fostered. Well actually she started out as a foster for my brother and his fiance but their dog Copper said "Absolutely not!" So she came to our house but only for a week or so, till she got adopted by this awesome family. I was told she is doing great and they love her to death! This poor dog was dumped at Animal Control by her previous "family" because they were moving. Sad excuse if you ask me. She has a new lease on life now and as the son told me while they were leaving, our dog is the bestest in the world :)

So I went to Holiday Magic again on Sunday with Radar. I was actually able to look around a little bit and it was certainly busier than it had been on Friday. It was not the best day for Radar, since we had attended this event on Friday and then went to Petco for just a little while on Saturday, by Sunday he had enough. I don't really blame him, by Sunday I was in the same mood as he was :) I talked to couple people that thought they were interested in him but once they realized that he needed a special home they become uninterested real quick. That's fine with me, my goal for him and for all my fosters is to make sure we get it right the first time, that doesn't always work out but I've found if I am brutally honest it seems to weed out the people that would not be a good fit for the dog. I really wish more people were willing to take a chance on these special needs guys, it is SO rewarding to watch them blossom and become wonderful, loving pets. As you can see in this picture, Radar is still recovering today. 

I also talked to Apples new family, she is doing well and seems to be settling in. After trying to figure out where she prefers to sleep, she decided she likes to sleep on the sofa curled up in a blanket. Her potty accidents are down to a minimum and she has started play bowing to them. They have only reached the tip of Apples personality, she is a vivacious little dog that seems to really have a zest for life and a love of her people.  

Friday, December 3, 2010

Need A Little Holiday Magic?

 Today kicked off the start of Holiday Magic at the America Center downtown, it goes on all weekend and there is TONS of stuff to do! There's carnival rides, a ice skating rink, many activities for kids, and lots of booths with more stuff than you can imagine. St. Louis Senior Dog Project has a booth there along with a few other rescue groups, selling craft items (to benefit our dogs in foster care) and we have dogs there for adoption also.

I took Radar this afternoon till close. He participated in the pet parade and done really well. During the pet parade they have all the dogs that are up for adoption walk across a big stage, while a MC announces their names, personalities, what they like to do for fun and which rescue group they are with. I had to carry him up the steps but considering how loud and bright it was up there he walked across like a pro with his tail high in the air. Thank goodness my nightmare didn't come true, all I could imagine is him getting on stage and having to take a big ol' poop. LOL Wouldn't that have been sumpin? ; )

Everyone that walked by just thought he was sooo adorable, he gets a lot of interest at adoption events. Tonight there were a couple people that were working some of the dogs booths that actually seemed really interested in him. There was one in particular that really had the gentle touch that Radar needs, she was actually the only person that he approached on his own, which is really saying something! He doesn't approach anyone but me.As the evening neared the end, he was beginning to show signs of stress, and would do a low barky, growl when people would approach. He was saying he had enough! We were there for about 4 1/2 hours and that is quite a long time for him to be in that busy environment.

I might go back on Sunday with Radar, depending if we both recover by then :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Princess And Me

Today has just not been a good day from the very beginning. It started with the neighbors dog getting out of the yard right around the same time I was waking up and letting the dogs out for their morning potty. Well of course Kiki wanted to come over to the front of our fence and start a barking, running frenzy, which is not easy to break up when we are talking about 7 dogs total. All before my morning coffee *SIGH* As the day progressed, it got worse. Izzy started puking, many times, because she ate something she shouldn't have, Radar running through a water bowl, dogs trying to eat cat hair......the list could go on and on. While I'm having one of my bad days, Izzy is having one of her high maintenance days. I wonder if people understand what I mean when I say she is a high maintenance dog? If she gets something in her head, there is NO changing it, typical doxie but she tends to take it to extreme's sometimes. Below is a little video of her during one of her "moments" don't forget to turn up the volume, sorry for the background noise. 
What does she want? She wants a treat, since I attempt to keep them on a strict diet because of their breed, I also limit the amount of treats they can have. I had just given them all a small piece of a treat but apparently she was not happy with that. If I don't do what she asks, she will start this, she also will bark (loudly), stand up, beg, dig on my legs etc. This is why we call her Princess because she truly believes she is and thinks she should be treated like royalty.

One thing I have always been told about doxie's, if you give into them once they never, ever forget it. If you don't believe it, watch the video again LOL  I hope tomorrow will be a better day for me, and maybe Izzy will wake up not so needy also :)