Sunday, August 15, 2010

5 Is A Lucky Number

My whole life I have always found the #5 to be a lucky number for me, not sure why but it seems anytime I use the #5 it comes out in my favor. We have now up'd our permanent dog number to 5, yes we decided to adopt Piper and are very happy with our decision. There is a picture of her official membership to the Davis pack. A big group of the family went out to eat on Saturday and then decided to head to Bobby's Custard, we came home and got Piper so she could be "christened" into the human family. She celebrated with eating some delicious custard and sprawling out on my lap, belly up to stay cool. I hope she enjoyed herself and understands that she will never want for anything again including a loving home.

I went today with my soon to be sister in law to the Op Spot event, her and my brother's dog, Copper, was due for his vaccines. WOW was it hot, even though I guess it was cooler than yesterday it sure seemed steamy to me. I ran into a couple of Senior Dog fosters there also! The lines were longer than they were last year but that is a good thing that means more people are taking advantage of everything this event has to offer, low cost vaccines, cheap microchipping, nail trims, ear cleans and $10 spay/neuter vouchers. This means more people are making a effort to keep their pets healthy, and hopefully means more pets in the area are getting spayed or neutered.

I took Hazel with me today, just to hang out and spend some alone time with her. I like to take the dogs out separate from time to time just so they get the one on one time from me, having 4 now 5 dogs plus foster dogs, you don't get that alone time with them that I think is very important. Even though all my dogs are my babies, Hazel has always been a cuddle bug and enjoys our bedtime routine, where she snuggles up face to face with me. Since Piper, Hazel has been 2nd in line, which she seems OK with but it makes me feel guilty. I have to be sure that Hazel knows she is and always will be my cuddle bug. I snapped this picture today while we were sitting under a tree for some much needed shade.


  1. I loved meeting Hazel! Moxie is still pinning for her ;) I am so happy you adopted Piper!

  2. It was nice meeting Andy and Liam, and always nice to see you, Rosie and Moxie. I told Hazel she shouldn't play so hard to get, there were a lot of cute little doxie's girls there :)