Friday, August 6, 2010

Little By Little

Little by little Piper's personality is coming out, everyday I see just a little more of it. She is a really sweet little dog that just wants love and attention. She has now started playing with my dogs, and seems to really enjoy their acceptance of her. She is very good natured and doesn't get into things that she is not suppose to. I have not needed to crate her at all when we leave, and when we come home the house is exactly how we left it. I thought at first it was odd that she didn't lick a whole lot because my doxie's will lick you to death, in fact my husband says Hazel has a licker problem and needs to attend Lickers Anonymous. Well it turns out Piper does lick, it just took a few days for her to feel comfortable enough, she LOVES to give lots of kisses and snuggle her head under your chin. At night she can't get close enough to us in bed.

I took a video of her today playing fetch, she really seems to like balls, and will run her little heart out to get to one. That's one of the video's I took below. I will be taking her to her first adoption event on Sunday, as timid as she is this one might be a little tough on her but with time and more exposure I know she will learn to enjoy socializing at adoption events.

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