Friday, August 20, 2010

Hungry Mongrels!

You would think that these dogs at my house are starved to death or something, I do have to keep all the doxie's on a strict diet but I try to supplement them with green beans and apples verses a lot of food. Last night I gave them all a biscuit, well the Pug ran to her bed to eat hers slowly, soon walked Isabelle sniffing out the situation, Pei Pei charged out her bed like a rabid dog and the fight was on. I fell out of my chair trying to stop Pei Pei from getting hurt,while the rest of the pack ran in (including David), poor Cashew was going to back up Izzy when Izzy turned on her. If you have ever seen a doxie fight you know what kind of viciousness I am talking about, seriously you have to be careful so you don't loose a finger breaking it up. We finally broke it up but good grief all over a crumb or two! Course when all was done, I looked over at the Pug she was sitting back in her bed with those BIG Pug eye's like "what just happened"? I couldn't help but laugh. Dinner time around here, is well.... interesting to say the least, Cashew thinks its important to make demands to me because I guess I am not fast enough.

I sent a couple pictures to Pei Pei's dad this week, this being one of them, I figure I will get a good lecture when he gets home about not dressing up his dog :) that comes with the price of free dog sitting! Once Pei Pei goes back home I will be taking a breeder surrender poodle, she has been in the group for close to a month but foster mom would like her to go to someone that is home more and can spend more one on one time with her, so I offered to give it a try. This poor girl is scared to death of humans, but I am hoping with a lot of love and patience she will come to trust people.


  1. BECKY!!! - I had that exact pink poncho on my own dog, Jingle, today. That is hilarious. :) At my house, the boy dogs were annoyed beyond belief and were trying to steal it and play keep away.

  2. LOL isn't that just like boys?