Thursday, September 30, 2010

WooWee What A Day!!

I rode with one of Senior Dogs fosters today, Kim, to Mount Vernon, IL to meet a potential adopter for one of her foster dogs, Saburo. You might remember Saburo, he was the red Standard Doxie I pulled out of JCAC the same time I pulled Piper. Here's a picture I took of him while he was still at JCAC. I'm so glad she invited me to come along because it was so nice to see him go off to his new home. Right now I know Kim is hurting as a lot of us fosters do when we send our foster dogs off to their new life, but especially because I know Saburo was special to her and had she been in a different place and time in her life she would have adopted him herself. Lots of hugs and healing to you Kim. 

After I got home, I was outside in the yard with all the dogs when the neighbors little Chi got out of his yard and walked up to the fence, well of course the dogs were barking and carrying on. Piper tends to jump all over the place and she must have jumped right on top of Izzy because Izzy came unglued and the fight was on. So I have to run to them in my flip flops to break up the fight, generally Piper just walks away but Izzy wouldn't let her. I swear these little doxie's have SUCH tempers, kind of like Rattle Snakes, usually there's no warning and they won't stop once started. They are both fine a few scratches but poor Piper was so shook up over it, she walked up to me, sat down and whined. I of course had to pick her up and cuddle her for a little while, I felt really bad for her. Course only a few minutes had passed and they were both sniffing and licking one another, geez such drama!

A little bit later and I see some commotion in another part of the yard, well Cashew and Hazel caught a mole or vol, I really don't know the difference. Poor little guy didn't stand a chance, but I have to say they remind me a whole lot of mice, and well lets just say I DON'T DO MICE!   These 2 are double trouble if I have ever seen it, can't you tell by the picture? Its never ending with the wild life in the yard, I don't know what to do about it, I guess there's really nothing I can do. I just wish they would all tell one another to stay out of this yard, there are times I can't bare to even dispose of the bodies. These guys are definitely good representations of the breed.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Radar It Is

After the Senior Dog facebook and twitter fans voted on a name for baby boy, the final decision was Radar. He is doing well, and got a much needed bath the other day, including a ear cleaning YUCKO it was not a fun job. He looks and smells so much better and I was able to get the knots out of his hair and trim his tail a bit. Radar is still scared of my husband but hopefully that will change with a little time, heck he is still scared of me but does wag his tail when he see's me, versus barking when he see's my husband. He will not be attending a adoption event this weekend, maybe the next weekend. He still needs a little time to adjust more and be comfortable with sitting on laps.He is starting to learn about being around other dogs and how to interact with them, he actually has tried initiating play a couple of times.

Piper played so hard today that by the time we came in earlier she was limping, I have checked her foot and leg out, nothing obvious but withing 15 minutes of laying down she got up and was walking just fine. I think she turned it wrong, if you could see her jumping around you would understand how she may have hurt it. She is definitely a crazy bird that LOVES to play. She is SO much fun to take pictures of and play with, she is actually smiling for me in this one HA!

She has even gotten Cashew playing from time to time.Cashew is usually a kill joy when it comes to play. My poor Shew Shew she is just a hard nut to crack but we love her beyond words and our lives would not be the same without her. Cashew's favorite pass time is laying out in the yard hunting, looking for any small animal or probably big too, that she can chase and hopefully catch. The other day 2 squirrels were brave enough to run right past the dogs to our tree, I swear Cashew ran about 4 foot up that tree before sliding down. I guess the little squirrels didn't get the memo about the one they caught a few weeks ago.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fosters From The Past

Just thought I would look back on my past fosters today, still not feeling well I think its all the lack of sleep I had that is catching up with me big time! Of course I have to include my very first foster, Tug now named Bear and beautiful Chow/Shepherd mix? A older guy that came from JCAC. It's because of him I have continued to foster, just a good boy!

Soclo now known as Snowcone. A close to perfect boy that for what ever reason took over 4 months to get adopted? Not sure why, he actually knew commands and was a very well behaved boy! Also came from JCAC and was very very close to death there. Australian Shepherd/Heeler mix? He was a middle aged guy, that really became a HUGE part of our family.

Indy was such a sweet girl, she came from JCAC also. Her name now is Maxi. She had a very nasty bladder infection when I pulled her and had obviously been bred at least a few times. She was another doxie I thought I would adopt but couldn't deny her the great home she got :) Such a beautiful girl and TONS of fun!

Oh and Mr. Grover, now Mr. Teddy perfect little gentleman and SOO darn cute!! He was the one that stayed with us a few weeks ago and also was the very first foster dog our Cashew ever liked, occasionally you could catch her cleaning his face and laying by him :)  Mr. Teddy came from the old Gasconade pound.

Ivan now named Henry, a skinny little poodle that ended up unwanted in the old city pound. Another perfect little dog that had been passed around from person to person. He started out not liking Duncan, but with in a week he followed him everywhere and had a unhealthy obsession with him.

Pei Pei, the puppy mill Puggie that is still a part of our family. This is a picture I got when we babysat her in August, she did not like the dress! She has really blossomed into a amazing little dog, not too mention she has buffed up from getting good food and care.

Tuffy a beautiful Basset Hound. This girl was a owner surrender by someone my husband works with. Tuffy found a loving home, then unexpectedly was diagnosed with Addison's disease and past away. RIP baby girl, she was young still only 2 years old.

There have been a few more that have come into our lives, Marco Polo, Payla, Gemma, Wally, and of course Piper, our failed foster girl :) We loved them all and will continue to love every one that comes into our home. We only wish we could do more to help these innocent babies.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Feeling A Little Under The Weather...

Last night I started feeling like my allergies were going hay wire, struck with a awful headache and suddenly was so exhausted I felt like I couldn't walk, today has been just as bad and I have really done nothing but care for the dogs and rest. All the dogs are usually really in tune when I'm not feeling well and they seem to make efforts to behave themselves. I have been calling my new foster baby boy till a name is picked for him, he is really a sweet boy that eventually is going to make someone a awesome companion. He has made great strides in just the few days he has been with us, he actually came up the steps on his very own today, I was SO proud of him! He can now freely roam the yard with only a short leash attached, I can't help but smile every time he looks at me and wags his tail.

I am still trying to figure out what baby boy is mixed with, he is bow legged in the front which I don't know if it has something to do with his breed or if just from living in bad conditions. He still reminds me of a sheltie in some ways, he has a really long body, big legs and feet. I'm open to any suggestions :) He is pretty thin still but we're working on that too. He is still very petrified of my husband but my husband hasn't spent the time with him that I have. I am biting at the nail to give him a bath, he stinks horribly and has a few knots in his hair that I am just dying to get out but I'm trying to wait as long as possible but I insist he gets a bath before he starts sleeping in bed with us, I don't care if they sleep in bed with us but I prefer they don't stink.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It Was A Long Day Yesterday

I was going to blog yesterday but by the time I got home I was just plain exhausted! We went to pick up the 2 mill confiscate pups. A cute little Chi that one of Senior Dogs fosters took and my new foster, he was suppose to be a Papillon/Chi mix but once I seen him in person I really don't see any Chi in him, maybe Papillon/Sheltie mix? What ever he is he is absolutely cute as a button! If you keep an eye on St. Louis Senior Dog Projects facebook page you can help to name this little guy next week :) Oh and don't forget to LIKE us too! In fact if you go to our facebook page this week, we are promoting Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet-Week you can participate in this and maybe win a prize :)

The little Chi I picked up for the other foster is a pretty little black and tan girl, maybe around 5 years old. Her foster mom decided to name her Stella, which I think is a very fitting and beautiful name for a equally beautiful girl.

While in Marshall, MO we stopped at a little Cafe to have lunch and seen a brochure titled "Jim The Wonder Dog" a story about a Llewellyn Setter that became famous around the United States for the amazing things he did on command. They actually have a Memorial Garden for Jim that you can visit or even purchase a brick with your name or pets name on it that can be placed on the walkway. I wish we would have had a little more time, I would have liked to of visited this Garden. You can visit the link above to read about this amazing dog and the things he accomplished in his 12 years on earth.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

From Rejects To Treasures

I got a update on little Bella, we called her Payla when we were fostering her but her new permanent name is Bella, I'm sure you remember her she was the little Havanese that was missing her foot. A beautiful 7 lb girl that was a mill reject. Her mom sent me this email:
"My daughter has a video of Bella that I will send if I figure out how to do it from her camera. She is GREAT! She definitely has a voice now...barking occasionally when she hears something strange. Last night she did not like the thunder... But calmed down in Ron's arms.
She IS now sleeping IN our bed. Yes, I do have a soft spot. It only took about 3 weeks for me to give in.  It was really for Ron's benefit...she will sleep later that way. Bella is bringing lots a joy into many people's lives. Our neighbors in the condo LOVE her and bring their relatives to meet her. We have met so many neighbors now that we "walk" her.
I do think that she feels like life is GOOD! with us as well."

Amazing how these precious lives go from mill rejects to treasured members of a family, in my eye's there is no such thing as a "reject" they all deserve the best care and the most love we have to offer and we need to offer them a quality life. The Davis pack sends lots of love and kisses little Bella.

Getting ready for the trip tomorrow to Marshall, MO to pick up 2 mill confiscates that are joining our group. One of which I will be fostering, I'll save all that info for later and of course I'll post pictures. Both of these dogs are kinda like "rejects" they have been at the vet clinic since June of this year, waiting for someone to come rescue them so they can start a new life.  I can't imagine how they must feel seeing all these other dogs coming and going while they still sit in a cage waiting for their turn, it makes me very sad. Its the same thing when you go to the pound and are only able to pull a dog or two, there are always ones left behind and I just know they sit back and wonder "Why didn't she pick me?" "What did I do wrong?" This is a picture of our precious Piper while she was locked up at the animal control facility, it breaks me to pieces to see that desperate look in her eye's. I wish I could explain to them that they didn't do anything wrong, the reality is there is only so much we can do, we try to make a difference but until people start actually realizing there is a population problem, and start doing the right thing, this will continue.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Education Is Key

Even though I am not a Missouri citizen I am 100% supporting the passing of Proposition B. We need to educate as many people as possible about Prop B facts and myths. I urge you to go to the Missouri Alliance For Animal Legislation website to read about Prop B and to get the REAL facts on what this initiative actually means. I have read it over and over again, I still can't understand why someone would oppose it unless you are a puppymill even reputable breeders should want to stop these millers that are giving them a bad name. Since I can't vote in the State of Missouri, I will do what I can to get this information out there. We will be one step closer to trying to keep these precious lives safer and healthier.

There is also a huge need to always spread the word about spay and neuter. I can't say it enough and more than likely it will be my last dying words. Its not cruel to spay or neuter your pets, they actually live longer, healthier lives if they are spayed/neutered and vaccinated properly. Not to mention they tend to not develop really bad habits such as hiking their leg on the furniture, running off, and having aggression issues. If spay/neuter is to much of a financial burden think twice before you get a pet, OR visit websites like a wonderful program called Operation Spot they frequently offer low cost spay/neuter AND vaccinations.

Now that I have finished my rant :) I wanted all to know that Gemma has made it to Nebraska today and gets to start a new journey where hopefully she will realize life isn't that bad, when your with someone who cares. If you could witness Gemma in action, you would understand why Prop B is SO important, had she been given basic care while at the miller, she probably would have been a different dog. I urge you to do your homework on this initiative and PLEASE vote YES for Prop B, because the animals can't.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Catching Up And Making Plans

Yesterday I spent most of the day planning a trip to Marshall Missouri to pick up 2 dogs that were part of a puppymill confiscation. Another foster and I will make the trip Monday so that these 2 babies can start learning to live "the normal life". I am also planning on meeting another one of our fosters with Gemma on Thursday so she can start her journey to Nebraska. She had one of her worst panic attacks yesterday, all over coming out of her crate so I could feed her. Nothing is more sad than to see a dog in this kinda state and not be able to do anything to help, my help is not comforting to Gemma, it only makes things worse, so instead you have to stand back and do nothing.

I've been trying to get caught up on some household chores that I have been neglecting. As you can see by looking at this picture of Izzy this is boring for the dogs, they don't see the reason for having to get these things done and trust me they try everything possible to distract me :) Their favorite thing to do is start a chase me game through out the whole house between all 5 of them. I'm looking forward to a little bit calmer, serene house once Gemma starts her trip. Cashew is determined to make Gemma stop having these fits of panic by nipping at her, I can't get it through to Cashew that the best thing to do is just leave her alone. Cashew just likes to control everyone, like she is the boss. If someone is playing and she doesn't like it she start bossy barking at them, crazy pooch.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Success and Failure

We had a very successful bake sale at Lowe's in Arnold that benefited St. Louis Senior Dog Project today. We had soooo many good, yummy treats (for humans) it was overwhelming. Of course with the lack of sleep I've had I was just exhausted and was not really with it all day today. I want to thank all the wonderful volunteers that baked and worked their hearts out and of course the wonderful people that came out and bought the yummy treats to benefit our wonderful homeless pups.

Gemma's trip as been temporarily postponed but hopefully will happen sometime this coming week. I am so distraught over this little poodle that my life has been turned upside down. Here is a picture that I took while I was sitting in the office chair. I didn't turn around in the chair, in fact I didn't move anything besides my hands so I could sneak a picture of the stance she is constantly in even when my back is to her and I'm not paying attention. This to me is terrified, I hurt badly for this little dog but as bad as I feel and hurt for her, that isn't even a drop in the bucket compared to how she feels. I hope her new life gives her some peace because I haven't been able too.

Friday, September 10, 2010

No Sleep

Another night of no sleep, I am so exhausted but my mind won't quit going. I have stuff to get done today and could really use some sleep. I have a lot going on and can't seem to get resolution to any of it so I haven't slept well in a while. Well the dogs don't have any problems sleeping, some are in bed with my husband and some are strode out in the family room or sun room. I wish they would rub off on me. Today I took one of Senior Dogs hospice dogs to the vet, after talking to the family that is giving this elderly baby a loving home for her last days on earth, I decided she probably needed to be seen by the vet. They think it is a upper respiratory infection and put her on antibiotics. So hopefully the little doll will be feeling better in a couple days.

After much debating the group has decided to transfer Gemma to a rescue in Nebraska that specializes in badly damaged mill dogs. I know in my heart that I can't help her anymore and as much as it breaks my heart that I can't, she is just beyond anything I have ever seen. From what I hear this lady in Nebraska is fantastic and a real miracle worker. Gemma will begin her travels to Nebraska on Sunday, so please keep her in your thoughts. Everyone ask me what Gemma is like, it is so hard to explain, in fact there are no real words for it besides she lives in pure terror all the time.

I have lots of baking to do for a bake sale that St. Louis Senior Dog Project is having on Saturday at the Lowes in Arnold from 10-3. Wish me lots of luck, since I've had no sleep.  

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wilby And Getting Old.

I got a update from Diana the other day, she is the one that adopted Marco Polo now Wilby. Marco is the mentally challenged Chihuahua that came from a puppymill. As you can see Wilby is doing great and mom says he likes to sit next to her on the sofa while watching TV. He and Whinnie (his canine companion) greet her at the door everyday when she comes home from work. She is still having a few issue's with Wilby but all in all she says things are great. Diana said the other day he drug his huge bag of dog food across the floor, that sounds like something Wilby would do. He loved to snatch things, like socks or cloths around here, if it was on the floor he would steal it and take it back to his bed. The weird part was he wouldn't chew on it he just wanted it with him. Just so grateful there are still people in the world like Diana that understand not all these babies can be or will be "the perfect dog" but excepts them for what they are.

I have come to the realization that my Duncan boy is getting old, today he is better than he has been but when he messed that hip up it really done a number on him. Part of the problem is one day he feels a little better and starts running around and before we know it he is laid up again. The last couple days we have made him stay quiet and today he is doing much better. I think the worst part about watching them get older is in their minds they don't know that their getting old, they still want to be able to do everything they used to but their bodies are getting worn out. Most people don't even realize that Duncan is close to 10 years old, and really I have to agree he doesn't look like he is 10 years old, he really only looks about 5 years old. Getting old sucks, doesn't matter if your human or animal. Duncan is dog that loves life, it doesn't take much to make him happy just being with his favorite people makes him wiggle his butt. I love my boy and always will, hopefully he will stay on the road to recovery.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Need A Little Sunshine In My Life

This past week has been very upsetting for me, to say the least and there are some people that are betraying me to be something I am not but I am lucky to have really good friends, a awesome husband and of course my loving fur babies. Today I stopped by the Petco adoption event for just a little while, I didn't get there till way later than I planned. Senior Dog had a amazing weekend with a total of 20 adoptions between Saturday and Sunday. So many loving animals found great homes, what's not to be happy about! Here is a picture of one of this weekends lucky babies, he was there today waiting on his new family to come pick him up. When I walked in, I immediately spotted this little chubby fella crashed out in his crate and tried very hard to resist the urge to pick him up, well I failed, I couldn't help myself. There is just something about a plump, soft, wrinkly puppy that no matter what lifts your spirits, oh and did I mention the puppy breath? Seriously I am not sure that there is anything better than puppy breath!. Let me tell you this boy is the CUTEST! I took him outside to see if he wanted to potty , which he did almost immediately but then wanted to go rooting in the landscaping plants, such a beagle!

I came home after the event and spent some time with my babies and my foster. The weather is so beautiful out, we spent the afternoon outside.  Piper really loves to play fetch, well she plays the actual game fetch sometimes, you know the type where they actually bring the item you throw back to you, however today she just wanted me to throw it then she would run around and throw it up in the air to herself. She has been a added blessing in our lives, we are very lucky to have such wonderful fur babies.
Right now they are all enjoying a greenie, something they don't get a whole lot. I wish only Gemma knew how to enjoy one, hopefully that day will come.

I enjoyed watching Piper and Hazel play chase me, they REALLY get into it, I have tried video taping it but they run too fast all the video ends up being is a blur!  The one being chased will all of a sudden get rolled by the chaser and the chaser starts jumping over the chasey as if they are celebrating. I swear Piper is queen of the jumpers, she reminds me of a Gazelle. I snapped this picture of Hazel today, look really close at it. She has some dirt on her nose, from sticking it in one of the many holes they have dug in the yard BUT she must have been in the middle of smelling something in the air, if you look closely you can the tip of her nose is actually crooked. I love when they do this, it makes me laugh just looking at it. Hazel does it more often than anyone else. It always reminds me of that show Bewitched, when she would wiggle her nose.

Surprisingly today, Cashew got in on the chasing game a little bit, I'm so happy that she seems to be excepting Piper into the pack. She is SUCH a character, I just wish she would show her real personality to other people besides us, grandma and grandpa. She is SO chucked full of it. Some days she is super outgoing, then other days, well lets just put it this way, her nickname on those days is Crabby Patty, you know the character from Sponge Bob Square Pants? As usual spending the day with the animals has made me feel much better, they never bring drama into my life, only their love and dedication.

Friday, September 3, 2010

From Bad To Worse

This week has done nothing but get worse. I won't even go into the horrible situation at JCAC. I ended up taking Piper to my vet on Wednesday because of the spay scar opening up. Well they didn't think it was a hernia, but thought it was a delayed reaction to the sutures, apparently that happens sometimes. I was told to leave the steri strip on it for another 24 hrs and they put her on some preventative antibiotics. I removed the steri strip this morning and noticed a little bubble underneath, well the bubble was fluid and the area opened back up again and drained that fluid out UGH So I've cleaned and stripped it again, but now she won't quit licking it unless I stay on to her 24/7. I guess its good the fluid is coming out but where does this end? I hope the antibiotics do what they are suppose to do!

Also today Duncan got all excited and crazy running around the yard when he seen the mail man and has hurt his hip. This happens from time to time when he over does things, he really has no idea he is almost 10 years old, he thinks he is a puppy. I have given him some pain meds, anti inflammatory's and a rice sock. There's a picture of him "laid up" with his rice sock. Usually within a day or so he back at it, but it always makes me remember that he won't live forever. I consider him my first love, and he will always have a special place in my heart. He gets excited when I get the rice sock out, he knows its usually for him and I guess it makes him feel better.