Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Whoa Is It Hot Or What?

I really can't bare the heat, extreme heat or cold sends my MS into overdrive. I would definitely call this heat extreme...... I took Piper to get her stitches out today, on the way she vomited in the car, I really think she gets motion sick, I noticed while in the car she hyper-salivates, poor baby. I need to start giving her some Dramamine before we go in the car. Good thing I carry a roll of paper towels with me. She of course was a angel getting her stitches out and when we left I decided to make a trip to JCAC to check out the situation and take pictures. Don't worry I left the car running while Piper rested inside. They have some new dogs, and we are still waiting for the college to come pick up their chosen ones. There are some CUTE puppies there right now, I hope someone gets them out of there quick! If you don't believe me when I say CUTE, take a look at this picture, now if that isn't cute I don't know what is!

On our way back home I decided to stop by a drive thru to grab a shake, haha big mistake, the car died on me around the same time Piper was having her next puke session UGH After the car got pushed out of the drive thru it started and all was well, well except for the vomit but we got that cleaned up also. This just proves its too hot for anything right now, keep yourself and the fur babies inside.

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