Thursday, August 12, 2010

How Are They Doing?

I have had a lot people recently ask how Marco Polo is doing? Well I just got a update last night and his new mom sent me a picture, here is one of the pictures she recently sent me. He is doing good, likes to lay next to his mom on the couch, loves his raw hide donuts. Mom also says he is a great watch dog! She has now done the full transition with his name it is now just Wilby :) I think a lot of people ask me about Marco because they can't believe he has been adopted or they can't believe that it might actually stick. If I hadn't been the one to meet Diana, I probably wouldn't have believed it myself but trust me this one will more than likely stick which makes Marco or I mean Wilby a very lucky pooch.

I also got a update yesterday on Bella, formerly Payla. She is doing GREAT and they love her dearly, she is officially a member of the family, and the grandchildren just adore her. They really get a kick out of her antics, which was my favorite part of having her here! Potty training is still a work in progress but they knew that when they adopted her and hopefully Ms. Bella will catch on soon. I haven't received any pictures of Bella yet in her new home but this is one I took of her the day she left here. Such a little doll, although don't tell her that, she could keep up with my doxie's and seemed to love to eat the dead worms in yard too!

I am very distraught over a Rottweiler that has been locked up in the Granite City pound for 3 years?? Yes you read that right, 3 years! I am at a total loss as to what to do for this poor dog, they used to put him in the same cage as his dad, daddy used to beat the crap out of him :( Well they want him gone now, he is great with people but we just don't know about other dogs, he is so powerful none of us feel comfortable with testing him around other dogs. Stephanie has been going out and walking the dogs there and has fell in love with Zeus, that's the Rottie's name. I am sure he needs work, a lot of socialization and love. If you have any idea's for this boy please let me know, I don't want to let Zeus or Stephanie down, resources are so limited right now, especially since this facility is only open for 1 hour a day.


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