Thursday, August 5, 2010

Carry On

Today I went out to JCAC to pull a beautiful yellow lab for a lab rescue here in IL, I also had to take pictures of the new dogs and survey who was still there and who had left. I had the unfortunate timing of being there when the vet arrived to euthanize. I had just went from dog to dog giving pets and biscuits telling them they were good babies, not knowing this would be the last time we would ever see each other. I wonder what kind of life these dogs had? Did they have any happy times? I hope and pray for their sake they at least had some times were they were truly happy, in fact I have to convince myself that they did otherwise, I would have fell apart today and I'm not sure I would have ever come back together. It really didn't hit me till I got in the car on my journey home, I had this big ol' yellow lab hanging his head over my shoulder and I lost it. I knew that he knew why. I am certain these dogs know what is going on when their fellow canines lives are being taken, or least they know its not good. I will carry on, even though, right now my heart hurts.

August or Auggie for short was the name I gave the yellow lab, he is safe in rescue now and will make a great companion for someone. There's a picture of him while he was at JCAC. He is very well mannered and not overly energetic. I am so grateful I had him with me today, he was such comfort to me and I hope I offered him the comfort of knowing he was getting another chance at life. I am not sure what we have to do to convince people to spay and neuter their pets maybe if everyone had to spend a couple weeks watching the devastating effects of our current situation? I don't know, I guess some people don't care, I wish I knew what the answer was. All I can do is carry on, do what I can and leave the rest to fate.


  1. Oh my gosh, Becky, that is so sad. You're a strong woman and I insist that you get extra kisses from your dogs and your fosters tonight! I was talking to this lame a$$ that I used to work with about spaying/neutering and he was explaining to me that if we spay/neuter there won't be any more dogs and cats. ?? THEN his stupid brother told me I needed to accept the "circle of life." I was so mad - I told those idiots they needed to start visiting shelters knowing at least 50% wouldn't make it out and to understand the dogs were there because of the actions of their humans. You can't fix stupid, right?

  2. Kim you are so right, how is it the circle of life? A lot of these poor dogs haven't even begun to live. UGH I don't understand people's thinking sometimes.