Sunday, August 22, 2010

Every Had "One of Those Days"?

After getting about 4 hours sleep last night, I woke up this morning bright and early for what ever reason, then couldn't go back to sleep, so I got up verses laying there tossing and turning. I am not sure that was a good idea. Little by little the dogs wondered out of bed, so I let them outside as they came stumbling from the bedroom. Everyone had been out and was back in, besides Hazel and Cashew. I was checking on them every few minutes or so, the last time I checked on them they were circling and whining at the big tree in the back yard. This is a daily occurrence, because the squirrels like to mess with them. All of a sudden I hear a dog screaming, ran to the door and opened it to see them pulling a small animal through the fence, it was a squirrel UGH I just knew it would happen one day. They have never been able to catch one but he must have had trouble getting through the fence and that was all it took, of course Piper and Isabelle flew out the door when I opened it. I found a big stick to pick it up with so I could dispose of it, I touched it with the stick and I guess Hazel thought it was getting up so she flipped her paw on it and turned around to see Izzy standing a couple feet away, well the fight was on, not sure when but at some point Cashew got in on the action so then I had not only 2 but 3 furious doxie's to break up. I finally got them broke up and escorted Izzy and Hazel back in the house, when I came back out in the yard, the squirrel was gone, I looked on the other side of the yard to find that Piper had it laying next to her. I finally disposed of the body and realized I was covered in mud UGH what a morning already!

I'm surprised it took them this long to catch a squirrel, they have caught many rabbits but were never quite fast enough to catch the squirrels. Here's a picture of Hazel and Cashew on one of their daily hunts. I have to admit, I usually have a hard time looking at them for a day or so after they kill one of these animals. Hazel is a avid hunter, I have witnessed her catching birds out of mid flight, then turn around and want to bring it in the house YUCK I don't think so! I think I am going to go back to bed and hope when I wake up the image of that poor squirrel will be out of my head.


  1. Being an animal lover, I know it's hard for you to see and deal with the consequences of their actions. Since killing small mammals is exactly what dachshunds were bred for, just think what amazing examples of their breed they really are. Very prey driven little stinkers.

  2. My Buffy, maybe a boxer/aussie mix, has a high prey drive. She's gotten several rabbits, but has never been able to get the squirrels. As they run across the top of my wooden privacy fence, she figured out that she could throw her body against the fence to make the squirrels fall off! She still hasn't gotten one though and the squirrels don't walk on the top of the fence anymore when she's out. Dogs are so smart.

  3. Ick ick ick and so early in the morning. The squirrel had to be thinking, "hey - they are not supposed to be up this early!"