Monday, June 20, 2011

Wieners, Wieners, Wieners.......

My weekend started off with a Cocktail Wiener Party with the Gateway Lo-Downs on Friday. They have these socials once a month, usually at a doggie boutique called Lucky Dog. Unfortunately Lucky Dog is closing its doors the end of this month, which makes me really sad, I have had some great times there, either at a fundraising event or adoption event. They have always been very good to our group. The Cocktail Wiener Party consists of Lo-Down members and their doxie's. We have food and beverages and let all the weens socialize. I took Hazel and Izzy and as usually Izzy was a drama queen... she cried and cried, wanting to be held, wanting to get out of the heat...LOL I have created a monster! Here she is in a picture my friend Kim got of her. I would like to say Izzy had a good time but I'm not sure, she didn't seem happy to me, maybe because it wasn't air conditioned LOL who knows.....shes a diva.

I think Hazel had a good time, she was quiet and she did venture a little bit but never too far. When we walked in both girls greeted Moxie, he is another friend of mines doxie. They both seemed to like him and all the other dogs. I know I had a good time just watching all the weens run around, there is nothing that makes me smile more than to see a bunch of weens. I enjoyed talking to friends and visiting too. One things for sure, Izzy and Hazel were both wore out afterwards, they slept in the car the whole way home.

Saturday I went to a adoption event. It wasn't overly busy but seemed pretty steady. I had a good interest in Dooley but I haven't heard anything else since. The family already had 2 other dogs that have the exact same issue as Dooley, home protectiveness and they are used to dealing with it so I was really hoping these people would follow through. Who knows maybe they will eventually, till then he is safe here with me.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tweet Up?

If you don't know what a Tweet up is don't worry your not the only one lol Our group had a Tweet Up  Fundraiser today its a Fundraiser that you can attend either in person or via Twitter. A restaurant called Noodles & Company , on Manchester, was generous enough to donate 25% of their proceeds from anyone that mentioned St. Louis Senior Dog Project to our group and the Treats Unleashed next door let us have a Meet and Greet with some of our adoptable dogs, do a raffle for a beautiful quilt and allowing anyone that had a Noodles & Company receipt to get a half a dozen yummy treats for the dogs for free! I took Dooley and he was a very good boy, except when I left him to go get something to eat.....sorry about that Kathy ;)

I think a good time was had by all, it was such a beautiful day! I got to see some friends who stopped by to support us and visit with friends in the group. Dooley seemed to enjoy himself also, I think the treats helped. I brought home the free treats I got to share with the rest of the pack. Oh my they were a BIG hit, they've had them before but not in awhile. This is a picture of Cashew, licking the bag clean LOL she actually stuck her head all the way in it and was biting the bag like "There has GOT to be more in there!".

On the way home, I looked in the back seat to see this......Dooley crashed. I think he is zonked out for the night. I love a tired dog.......

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pool Side

Cashew taking her first dip.
 Today I got out the kiddie pool for the dogs, and well kinda for me too. While I sit out there and watch them I put my feet in the pool to keep cool. Hazel knew exactly what I was doing, she kept walking up to the pool and looking in like "Come on mom, fill it faster" none of them will get in it while its filling, they don't like the spraying water......This is the first time having the pool out since Piper has joined our family and since Dooley came here. I had to make Piper get in because it was too hot, she didn't like it one bit but when she jumped out she ran and jumped all over the yard LOL We had no idea how much energy Piper had until well after we adopted her, when she first came here she was docile and I guess trying to find her place in the pack, well she has her place now and boy does she have some energy!

"I got it, I got it!"
 I had to coax Dooley in, I stood in the middle of the pool and kept calling him. He went to put the first foot in and jerked it back like "WHOA that's cold" but eventually he made his way in and let me rub him down with water, I could tell he had never been in a pool and he was unsure but once in there for a few minutes he started wagging his tail. He bolted out of the pool and took off running. I threw a tennis ball in the pool and Hazel went diving after it, she got it and jumped out, only for Dooley to grab the ball and take off again. LOL this picture is of him celebrating his victory of getting the ball. Of course Hazel sat there and just looked at him then back at me. Hazel loves the pool, she is the one that likes it the most, Izzy and Cashew like it but usually only get in a couple times. Hazel will get in and out all day long, she also likes to blow bubbles in it, she tries to grab blades of grass on the bottom of it. Hazel is at her happiest when she gets to get in the pool, I'm at my happiest when I get to watch her.

Just like people that want nothing more than their human children to be happy, all I want is for my furry kids to be happy.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wow....Its Been Awhile

I can't believe its been a month since I blogged, I have opened my blog a million times intending to write but then I get totally side tracked. A lot has happened in this past month, I'm not sure I can remember everything but here we go......I think I last left you with wondering if Toby and Rosie (the Pom Poms) had found their new homes....well as I predicted they did and both seem very happy and are adjusting well to their new spoiled lives. Rosie is now named Mini and Toby is named Sukoshi. Thankfully Amy decided to continue to foster, we need all the fosters we can get to help as many animals as possible. Once Mini and Sukoshi were taken care of she took in 2 ADORABLE Pom puppies, check out their picture! The sable one is named Tonka and the cream one is named Cotton.

They both went off to their new home this past Sunday and foster mom has shed a few tears since then. They were very lucky in the fact that they have a great family with a boy and girl to play with and a mom and dad that just adore Poms and here's the kicker, they got to go to a home together, so now they will really be brothers forever! Amy ended up keeping them longer than expect because before we could get their vetting done poor little Tonka came down ill but he recovered within a few days, thankfully. Pheww that was worrisome, we all know how quickly puppies can go down hill.

So on the very day that Tonka and Cotton went off to their new homes Amy picked up 2 more Poms....I've found getting another foster right away helps with the pain of missing the ones just adopted. These 2 also came from a life of breeding, but seem to be fairly social and should adapt quickly to life in a home. Here's a picture of Buddie, a sable and white Pom. He has a gorgeous coat, especially after his talented foster mom got him all groomed up. He's a bigger Pom, guessing around 12-15lbs but he is going to make a great companion for someone.

Then theres Ladie, she is so cute and super duper sweet. She's a black and tan Pommie, and once her hair grows out completely she will be stunning. We think she's pretty cute the way she is though ;) We do know she loves food and is quite the piglet. Both of these guys will be off to the vet next Tuesday.

Dooley is still with us and is doing very well with his training. He is also blowing his coat and what is coming in under that is a totally different coat. It has a lot more blonde in it and is shorter. We're still waiting on his perfect home but I know it will come, some just take a little longer than others. Right now he has been with us for 4 months,  way to long for a great dog but I've found a lot of the truly great ones take a while to place :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pitter Patter

As I type this I hear the pitter patter of Hazel and Piper running around the house playing, I rest assured that most of the rugs in the house are turned upside down. Izzy was in on it but then she decided she had enough and wanted to look out the window. There she is looking like I am disturbing her for calling her name and taking a picture lol As you can see, her bows are still in and trust me she has done what she can to get them out! They love this warmer weather we've been having and enjoy just laying out in the yard getting some sun.

I spent some time out in the yard with them these last couple days, picking up sticks and trying to clean up the yard a little. I discovered that Dooley absolutely loves sticks and every time I picked them up he was jumping and carrying on just to get a hold of one. If I gave it to him he would run laps around the yard with it in his mouth like it was a huge prize! Here he is curled up in a bed that is made for a 20lb dog.........not a 70lb one ;) We'll be making a trip to the adoption event tomorrow, maybe this is his weekend!

I spent the week getting the painting finished in the kitchen, catching up on house work and running the little Poms to the vet. Toby and Rosie are recuperating from having quite a few teeth pulled and of course their spay and neuters. They are doing really well at my friends house and are making progress.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pom Poms??

On Friday I posted the petfinder link on Amy my friend (the groomer's) facebook page, of a little red Pomeranian, named Rosie, that we had taken into our group. She is a Pom lover and I wanted her to see this cute little girl. Well she couldn't resist and asked me about fostering her, with the possibility of adopting. I had to double check to make sure she was serious lol and she reassured me she was. So it was all set up for us to go pick this little bundle of joy up from Petco on Saturday from her current foster mom. I was shocked when she seen another little Pom we had taken from the same place as Rosie, and said she thought she would foster him too. Well that's not exactly how it happened....she was thinking this little guy might be a good match for her mom and dad and I said well you could foster him too...if the current foster mom didn't mind. Needless to say we walked out with both Rosie and Toby. I'm actually still a little shocked it happened. Anyways without in further delay here is Rosie being called Minnie......
Rosie/Minnie weighs all of MAYBE 3lbs, and acts every bit of the princess she is!

Toby (below) is a tad bigger than Rosie/Minnie but not by much. He reminds me of a Panda bear, miniature size of course. Honestly they are both just precious babies and they both love humans and other dogs. I think both of these babies have already found their furever homes but I won't say anymore and ruin the surprise ;) Imagine going from a breeder dog 1 week to a much loved, pampered baby the next week!Life can be amazing and we can all make a difference in these beautiful creatures lives if just try.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Trip To Grooming Tails

My best friend that I have known since the 6th grade just started a grooming business and its doing pretty well, I don't wonder why though. Since we first meet we have both been animal crazy, we are the girls that all the stray dogs and cats find, obviously because we could never turn our back on a sick or hungry animal. She is really good at what she does and get this....she actually loves and pets on them the whole time! They also get treats, get to enjoy running around a house and a back yard too. Just like home, well as close as you can get. She does do home groomings too for those dogs that aren't up for traveling or get extremely nervous going places. So if you are looking for a good groomer that won't freak your dog out, she's the one!

I took Izzy to get done since her full coat was starting to come in and I just wasn't up for doing it this time. Of course Amy does a much better job than I do, I mean look at this picture......she just looks so darling and I'm shocked but she still has her bows in! Her frizzy black hair on her body was covering her silver dappling, I'm amazed at how much I can see the silver now! She was a pretty good girl, it took some getting used to the dryer and get her feet hair trimmed but other than that she was a good girl. She is totally worn out tonight, first thing she wanted to do when she came home was crawl up in her bed on the ottoman. I brought 1 of her little dresses to put her in afterwards. See the pic below.

It even matches her bows! That's her "Girly Girl" dress. Trust me she isn't really a "Girly Girl" but is a Diva in the sense that she knows what she wants, and won't stop till she gets it but she can certainly get down and dirty with the rest of them LOL When we came home the other girls were all over her, especially smelling the bows in her ears, I've never been able to keep bows in their ears but come to find out, there is a certain "magic" to it. We'll see how long my rough and tough girl keeps them in ;) I really had to share the picture below because its almost too cute for me to look at.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Of Those Moods

My mood is easily explained by this picture of Cashew, this is her death stare and you can gaurentee that she is getting ready to snap when you see this look in her eye's. This is exately how I feel.....its been a awful last couple days and there is still nothing resolved. One of the few things that keeps me going is the dogs, they are a constant for me, they never let me down. In this picture she is staring at Dooley, just waiting for him to make one wrong mood. I always say that when she gets crabby like this she can't stand herself, I'm totally relating to her lately.

I did manage to take Dooley to a adoption event on Sunday, there we met a very nice couple that was interested in getting a another dog as company for their current lab mix. They didn't like the idea of crating Dooley when visitors come over so he won't be a good match for them but we have several in the group that will be, hopfully we'll come up with a good match. Here is his regal self, wearing a party collar I made a few months back. I don't think were going to a event this weekend, I'm just not in the mood. Who knows we might stop by 1 on Saturday and Sunday briefly, really I just want to go to bed for a couple days ;)

Just thought I would share a picture of Hazel and Piper, these 2 have bonded very tightly, very quickly. They are each others best friend, you should see them run and play in the yard, they remind me of rabbits, hopping and jumping around.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Its Electric!

I get such a good laugh out of the girls after they have been rolling and rooting around and when they look up their hair on their ears is sticking straight out. LOL Here is a pic of Cashew looking ELECTRIC! Someone needs to invent a photo editor specifically for animals. Animals don't usually get the "general" red eye that most programs are set for, they'll get a whitish, or green or even blue glare. For me I take many more pictures of animals than people. We are thoroughly enjoying this wonderful weather we are having and are hoping it sticks around so we can declare this winter over with! Its been a rough winter, we got a ton more snow and ice than usual for us.

I am ready to spend some time out in the yard doing some work and playing with the dogs. The last few days its been in the 70's and we have been able to open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. Here's a picture of Dooley scoping out the yard from the kitchen window. We'll be attending a adoption event on Sunday, maybe we'll meet some good potential adopters. I would really like to see Dooley get in his new home soon. He has become WAY to attached to me and our home. Its really sad but it takes so much longer to place bigger dogs than it usually takes to place smaller ones. These big guys really tend to be more grounded than the smaller ones, most smaller dogs feel like they have something to prove. Trust me I've got a house full of little doxie's and they can be a whole lot of attitude in a little body.

Here's Izzy and Piper looking out the other window in the kitchen. You can see Piper's colic up the back of her neck in this picture lol it certainly gives her character. We're going through a hard time with Piper right now, since she came here about 5 months ago she proved to be house broken, this past month she has been pottying in the house and we can't really figure out why. Its not the weather, she loves the snow and the cold doesn't seem to bother her much. There is not blood in her urine, I actually think the problem is she is so busy playing around when she goes outside she forgets to do her business. I'm considering taking her to the vet JUST to be sure its not a urinary issue but I really don't think it is. I guess the thing that bothers me the most is that there is always puppy pads down and available but she never uses them, she chooses to use a rug or carpet. We'll get it figured out, unfortunately now when we leave for longer periods of time she is going to have to be crated till we can get this issue under control. I know potty issues can be too much for people to handle, infact there are a lot of people that give up their pet because of it but I truly believe you can potty train any pet, with just a little time and patience. That doesn't mean they will always be 100% all the time but you have to be able to compromise, no body is perfect 100% of the time.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bubble Baths & Beds

I was thinking today that my dogs have the life I can only dream of. Their meals are prepared for them, they get to nap when they want, go outside when they want, get love when they want, well you get the idea......These last few weeks I could have used some pampering, I fell down the stairs 1 day last week and OH buddy do I hurt! Thats why I haven't blogged in a while, all I could think about was pain LOL

Dooley had his first bubble bath last night, he really wasn't too certain of it, I think he was prepared to be drowned or something. He had this true look of worry... you know the one where they pull up at least one of their feet and look down like OMG its getting deeper! He has had plently of baths, but not the bubble bath kind and man was he ever glad to get out of there lol He looked especially handsome today for the adoption event with his Valentine party collar on and smellin good. There were a few people that looked at him but no serious inquires, oh well his day will come, that I am sure of.

Now this is Piper trying out the new doggie bed......I think she likes it. We need another dog bed in this house like I need to fall down the steps again! I think my husband might be right, I might be a dog bed hoarder or at least obcessed with them. So this is what brought me to the thought that I could only dream of being treated like my dogs, I know I could have really used a luxuarious bubble bath and a new bed too, especially these last couple weeks but hey that's life right?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just Surviving.....

My hopes for no more snow were crushed. Yesterday we got a whole lot of sleet/ice with a little snow, and more snow today. Thankfully we haven't lost power, which is my worst nightmare, since in 2006 we lost power for a week. Its bitterly cold and windy right now so we are just surviving, wishing and hoping for spring to come very soon! Here's a 3 pile of wieners, Piper, Isabelle and Cashew. The other 3 were piled on the sofa, their picture below :) Mine all like the snow except Duncan, he doesn't hate it he just prefers 80 degree days, I can't say I blame him!

There's Hazel in the middle, flanked by Duncan and Dooley, she's no dumby, she knows those big dogs put off some serious body heat! I hope to have some more doggie snow pictures for you soon but since I fell down the stairs the other day, I haven't felt much like wondering out into the Winter Wonderland lol. I took Dooley to a adoption event this past Sunday, and he actually struck some interest but I haven't heard back from them yet, course it could have something to do with this wintery mess! Cashew our persnickety doxie has actually started liking Dooley, its interesting to see because she has only really liked 1 other foster dog and never a BIG foster. She is still intimidated by his size but little does she know, he wouldn't harm a hair on her picky little head. I'll leave you with this photo below, a picture of Cashew and Dooley taking a nap together!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Please No More Snow!

Well we managed to get over a foot of snow here last week, I don't mind snow when its falling but once it starts to look icky I want it gone ;) I can't recall the last time we got this much snow at one time. 5 out of 6 dogs LOVED it! I can't help but laugh when I see dogs running in the snow, I don't know why but it always puts a smile on my face. This picture I took of Hazel cracks me up, I sent it to my mom and dad via email and they said it reminded them of a moose lol I guess her ears flying up do look like moose antlers. 

All of my doxie's love snow, they plow through it like little John Deers. This is Cashew, doing just that, plowing! I will absolutely freeze my tush off taking pictures and watching them run around like this. We got a small amount of snow yesterday and I think they are saying we may get a little more this week, I've had enough of it, when this melts my yard will be a pond as it is now :)

We had a visitor here this past week, her name is Puggit, she is a cute little Pug that we "baby sat" while her foster mom went out of town. I really still can't believe she hasn't found a home, she does have some special needs but truly she is what we call a "easy dog". She was in deplorable condition when she was found at animal control, her eye's were literally nothing but crust, her skin looked awful and stinky. She has chronic dry eye, that went untreated so now she can only see shadows but don't let that fool ya, she is a survivor and she adapts quickly to even new environments. She had a skin yeast infection also but that was completely cleared up with medicine. She also has bilateral luxating patella's that were let go, now there is no surgery to help, she takes a supplement to help with movement and drops in her eye's to help with the dry eye's. She is VERY housebroke, cratetrained and just a all around wonderful, loving girl. Puggit went back to her foster home today, I'm sure she was glad to get back to normal, we kinda miss her Pug head around here ;)

I took Dooley and Puggit to a adoption event on Sunday and seen one of the cutest things EVER!!! We have 3 black Pug puppies in the group looking for new homes. Here is Marco, one of the babies. Pug puppies are SOOOO adorable and rank right up there with Doxie puppies, at least for me anyways. I would be in so much trouble if I had this little booger at my house, I wouldn't get a darn thing done, ever!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

You Can Make A Difference

I see a lot of people that have excuses of why they can't help save animals but honestly no matter what, everyone can make a difference in a animals life. I used to be naive in thinking that if I loved my animals that was all that mattered, and really I never thought about all the animals out there that were loosing their lives either in shelters, on the streets, or by cruel humans. It wasn't till the day I come across a ad on Craigslist, that I thought, Hmm maybe I can do this?!? It was a ad looking for a foster to take in a dog from a local animal control facility, that if he wasn't saved he would be euthanized. I talked it over with my husband, and we decided we would give it a try. Well I found out that dog had already been saved but there were plenty more that needed help, so I looked on the board and found a dog that I couldn't take my eye's off of, this is the picture of that dog, we named him Tug . He long ago found his forever home, but he was the start of a new journey for me. Actually Tug reminded me of a dog that I had fallen in love with a long, long time ago. My parents took me to the local Humane Society so we could adopt a dog, I fell in love with a German Shepherd mix that had a bandage on his leg, we were told he was on hold till the next week but they would put our name on him. Well they didn't put our name on him and he was adopted to someone else, or at least that is what we were told. I was heartbroken, I had spent some time with that dog and to this day that dog has a piece a of my heart!  So my journey in fostering started about 2 years ago, but I have always had animals, cats, dogs, chickens, even a horse. Everything I know I have learned from the animals themselves, they can teach you more than you could imagine if you only take the time to pay attention and listen.

Some of the excuses I hear from people "My resident animals won't except a new animal" or "I don't have time" or "I don't have the finances". If you can't take a animal home to foster, there are other things you can do, you could be a non fostering volunteer for a rescue group, these are needed, rescue groups need help in organizing fundraisers, coming to adoption events to help walk the dogs, or maybe just sit and hold a scared puppy. If you can spare 1 hour out of your day, maybe even less, you can still make a difference. Volunteer with your local Humane Society, APA or pound, go in for a hour or less a week and walk a dog or 2.  A lot of these dogs have never received love, or a kind word. I have always heard and I hope its true, a dog lives in the moment, which means if you are giving them love, treats and kindness, they are living in that moment and forgetting about their past and the current situation they are in. I can't stress enough how important it is to these animals that while they are in a "pound" situation, they receive love and a gentle touch, for that one animal it makes ALL the difference. You don't have to financially support your foster dog, rescue's pay for all their medical needs, and most will supply you with food, bowls, crates etc. and even some can help get your foster animal to vet appointments or adoption events.

I have a solution to all the excuses LOL but it comes down to how much you care and if you truly WANT to help. Animals and their rights to humane treatment are very near and dear to my heart, they all deserve love, food and happiness. I want to share a quote that explains my take on animals, and why they are so special to me.

"There are, I know, people who do not love animals, but I think this is because they do not understand them - or because, indeed, they do not really see them. For me, animals have always been a special part of the wonder of nature - the smallest as well as the largest - with their amazing variety, their beautifully contrived shapes and fascinating habits. I am captivated by the spirit of them. I find in them a longing to communicate and a real capacity for love. If sometimes they do not trust but fear man, it is because he has treated them with arrogance and insensitivity." -Pablo Casals

Friday, January 14, 2011

What A Moose!

I'm attempting to type this blog while I have a BIG moose head nudging my arm and laying his head on the keyboard! LOL Its non productive for me but for Dooley its very productive, that's how he gets my attention so I stop everything I'm doing just give him some love. He went to visit the vet yesterday for a check up, he's doing well and as I thought has actually lost a little weight, a couple pounds, only because he was chucked full of intestinal worms. YUCK! The vet said he looks great but wanted him to go on one more round of antibiotics, and for me to use Gold Bond on his feet and belly. That's a new one for me, but he does need something for the pads of his feet, they look SO dry and crusty.

I had to go "rescue" Hazel this morning, Dooley wanted to play SOO bad with her but she wanted nothing to do with playing with his big butt! While he was running around and play bowing to her she was screaming bloody murder and snapping at him. It was actually kind of funny but I felt sorry for Hazel, I guess it was pretty terrifying. Dooley had not one clue that she didn't want to play. She likes to play but not with dogs his size, she thinks they are trying to kill her!

The last couple days have been hectic, I don't know if its because its been so cold outside or what but last night someone had 3 pee accidents in the house, of course I don't know for sure who done it but I have my suspicions ;)  That very morning Dooley came running into the house with poop on his foot :(  Thinking I was going to start today off better, I got up with a positive attitude to only have to chase Izzy around the snow covered yard to get a bird out of her mouth this morning! Its not really the chasing that is the hard work, its getting it out of her mouth, she by no means wanted me to get it from her. If you ever need to be grounded and knocked down out of the clouds, get a pet, they'll humble you in a minutes time :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Time Has Really Gotten Away From Me!

I have been wanting to blog all week long but there was always something going on and also having computer woe's, I guess it wasn't in the cards till now. I took Dooley today to a adoption event for a couple hours, he amazes me, I don't know how in the world he stays so calm at Petco while the whole place is booming with people, dogs barking and kids running a muck. Honestly I can only handle a couple hours of it, by the time I get home, I am about to pull my hair out if my dogs start barking. Dooley just goes with the flow and doesn't get excited about it all, in fact I think if he had a comfy bed to lay in he would just take a nap.

Last weekend Izzy pulled a real good one! My mom had made me a hand towel surrounded by beautiful gulf shells with a star fish on the front, well Izzy thought the star fish looked or smelled appetizing, unfortunately I caught her AFTER she devoured the WHOLE thing and was licking the crumbs out of the rug! First thing I did was start frantically searching to find out it dried star fish are poison-is to dogs, well their not but it sure did give me a good scare! Every time I look at this picture, I think she is rolling her eye's at me. That's kind of her personality, like "Good grief mom, its not gonna kill me!"

On Wednesday I had to take Cashew and Hazel to the vet for their annual check up and vaccines, that is ALWAYS a experience. These 2 are generally trouble when you take them somewhere together, they get that pack mentality and cause such havoc. This trip was not bad, no blood was shed LOL For being blood sisters they couldn't be more different in personalities. Hazel does not like to ride in the car, actually she prefers to lay under the seat while riding but I won't let her because it makes it too difficult to get her out but once you get her somewhere, she's great! Cashew is cool as a cucumber riding in the car but as soon as you get her out she turns into the vibrating dog. Here they are on the ride back, by then Hazel was exhausted from the ride there and Cashew just wanted to get home!

While we were driving home, I witnessed a beautiful sunset. This picture does not do it justice but all I had was my cell phone to take a picture with. This pink/orangy sunset reminds me of the gorgeous sunsets we see every night at Gulf Shores, when we go on vacation. I could stare at it all day long! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Do You Know Of Anyone?

It occurred to me the other day that, the person or person's that adopt Dooley are going to have to be extremely special. This dog is more than my words can say, I have deeply fallen in love with this boy, and since I can't adopt yet another of my fosters, I am looking for someone that walks on water. Do you know anyone? I know quite a few people that would fit this category BUT none of them that I know of are looking to add a fur baby to their home. I have to make sure this guy never feels pain or suffering again in his lifetime, all I want for him to feel is love. He deserves it! Honestly he is the perfect dog, housebroken, calm, polite in the house, GREAT with other dogs, knows sit, down and shake. His ONLY issue is he is protective of his home, when you have visitors over you have to either crate him OR keep him on leash close to you, till he realizes the visitors are nice and are not going to hurt anyone. I never blame a dog for being protective, dogs are meant to protect their people and homes, its in their DNA.

He is just a big baby! Check this picture out, he is curled up in the kitchen chair, while my little Piper sits next to him (you can barely see her brindle butt). I missed getting a picture of her crawling on his back to look out the window, he could have cared less. As you can probably tell his butt is pretty much hanging off the edge, he is way to big for that chair! LOL As I've talked about before, fosters are all hard to say goodbye to but some are SO much harder to let go of. Some you bond with immediately, its like you are on same page from the very beginning. I think Dooley and I made a connection through a picture, before we even met.