Monday, August 30, 2010

Progress Or Not?

There are moments through out the day I think I am making progress with Gemma, then there are moments we take steps backwards. In this picture you can see where Gemma spends most of her day, on the back of the sofa staring at everyone wondering what is going to happen next. Sometimes she will even fall asleep in this same position, sitting up nodding her head. Its so sad to see this and its also very disturbing. Gemma is not even 2 years old yet but obviously in her short time she has had some very horrible things happen to her. I know she has not had socialization but most times she doesn't even act like a dog, its very hard to explain, but when we are outside, I will crouch down and call her, she will watch as the other dogs come to me then she will start nervously circling and quickly back up into me. I have never seen a dog act like this, I guess you learn something new every day, then when I go to pet her she stands up on her back two feet with her front paws in the air, it is the oddest thing I have ever seen.

Last night my husband had her laying in his lap, she eventually settled in and looked pretty comfortable, however she looked at me like I was a alien from outer space. I made some popcorn for the dogs and me to eat, I don't do this very often but all my dogs love popcorn and its something we can share together. I tossed a piece to David to see if just by chance Gemma would eat it, to my surprise she ate it right out of his hand then continued to eat a piece or 2 more. I was impressed and happy to see her actually enjoying something "normal". Then this morning, it was like none of this ever happened and we were all strangers again. Truly if you think puppymills or back yard breeders "Aren't that bad" come to my house and see this terrified poodle that they would use to breed their cute little puppies! I guarantee you will have a different opinion. 

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  1. Becky - I have had dogs that sleep standing up too. That is so heartbreaking. The fact that she's out in the middle of all the action is really a good sign in my opinion. I've had puppy mill dogs hide under my bed for weeks ... Don't give up - you're doing a great job!