Thursday, August 26, 2010

Settling In

I told you in my last blog that I was dog sitting Mr. Teddy while his mom is out of town for a business trip, I also told you I would share some pictures of him. Well here's one picture of him. He is such a doll baby, we think he is a Shi Tzu/ Brussels Griffin mix super cute pup with excellent manners. He somehow ended up in the city pound?!?!  Mr. Teddy gets along very well with other dogs, even my Cashew, he is so nonthreatening to other dogs, she feels no need to boss him around like the other new dogs in the house.  Mr. Teddy is always welcome to stay here because he is such a great boy and what we call "low maintenance".

Meanwhile we are working with little Gemma, she is not going to be easy by any means. She did allow me to
bath her yesterday and get her a little trimmed up. I was planning on taking her to Lucky Dog this Saturday but now I'm not sure, she still has not adjusted here at all so I think it might be a good idea to keep her at home till she gets used to the new environment. She has had some diarrhea since being here but I am pretty sure its nerves, the stress is almost too much for her to handle. She watches the other dogs with such interest, this is a picture I got of her outside, she was intently watching the other dogs socialize and just be normal dogs. Can't you see the want in her eye's? When I look at this picture I see her wanting SO bad to be a normal dog, she just has no clue how to. With time I hope this will change. She has minuet moments of calmness but is ALWAYS just on the edge of terrified. The last 2 mornings she has messed in her crate, I feel bad for her, but yet I literally get sick cleaning it up. I do not have a strong stomach at all and diarrhea is always the one thing that gets me. I hope to one day have a stomach of steel but since it hasn't happened in 35 years I don't have high hopes.

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  1. Becky - it's actually great that she seems so curious so early on, doesn't it? Sorry about the stinks ... and if it's in the crate, that means she probably stomped it and stomped poops just smell worse for some reason.