Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today Is A New Day

So as upset and frustrated as I was yesterday, today is a new day! I am still counting but so far it looks like at least 10 dogs made it out of JCAC and I think at least 5 cats also. That is amazing considering so many rescues are full right now. It was so hot out there at JCAC today, there were many times I thought I was going to pass out, I am sure it didn't help that I had not eaten anything all day. The important part is they postponed euthing till Monday or Tuesday next week so we are good for a few days at least. One of the dogs that made it out today was the beagle mix, he's the one I posted a picture of in yesterdays blog. Well there is a picture of him while he was riding in my car, on his way to safety, can you tell by the look on his face that he knew he was safe? Elizabeth, that fosters for St. Louis Senior Dog Project decided she would foster him and he tested wonderful with dogs and even cats, he is a good boy and it would have been such a waste of life if he wouldn't have made it out. Seriously this dog tore my heart out when I was going to put him back in his kennel, he laid down and refused to even go close to his kennel, he knew that was not the right place to be and pulled me to the car, once in the car he was happy as a lark!

So for me today is definitely a new day, and for a lot of lucky dogs and cats out there its a new day with a new life on the horizon.

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  1. It was such an awesome day today. I cannot believe . . . well yes I can . . . how everyone came together to save the animals. It's overwhelming.