Friday, August 27, 2010

Lazy Dog Day

Today the dogs seem very happy to lay around and catch some Z's, which is fine with me it gives me a chance to get some things done and spend some needed time with Gemma. Earlier today I took this picture of Piper and Mr. Teddy cuddled up and ready for a good snooze. Days like this its very tempting to go crawl in bed with all the pooches and sleep the day away! I have been too worried today to snooze, I have a friend having surgery today and I can't get her off my mind. The pups are very therapeutic, and at least keep me calm, but not enough to be able to nap.

I spent some one on one time with Gemma this morning, brushing and cuddling her, she is such a sweet girl, she just doesn't know how to show it yet. She seemed to enjoy her brushing and even let me get to her belly and feet, I sat on the floor and held her like a baby in my arms for awhile and I seriously could feel her pain. I guess a lot of people think I'm weird but I could feel this dogs pain, and suffering so much I started to cry. She is going to be just fine, I think Gemma and I are communicating now. The rest of the day she has been a little less stressed, and I hope a little less worried. She will usually sit on the sofa and nod off but never really get comfortable, check out this picture I took today, not only is she comfortable but she actually has her back to me, which is a HUGE deal.

I love this weather we have been having, I wish I felt up to getting some real yard work done but since I come down with that virus a couple weeks ago, I'm still not up to par. I really love these days and they always make me feel at peace. I mean how could you watch this and not feel at peace? They were all sacked out till I took this picture, Mr. Teddy has a keen sense of knowing when I am taking a picture, I guess he doesn't want to get caught in the act of sleeping :) Our whole house is filled with dog beds, especially the sun room because I spend a lot of time in there, that's about the only place they use the dog beds though because if we are in the family room they insist on laying on the furniture, which is fine with us.

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  1. I hope your friend is doing okay. She's definitely in my thoughts and prayers.