Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just Sharing Some Funny Pictures

I was going through my pictures today and got a good laugh out of some of them, some are just goofy pics as they were growing up or funny pictures of weird positions they lay in. This first one is a picture of Duncan when he was about 6-7mth old, his ears were just starting to stand up and looked a little funny for awhile. I often play with his ears, putting them down like if they were floppy, he just wouldn't look like the same dog if his ears didn't stick up, it gives him character. Duncan was one of the easiest puppies ever, very easy to housebreak and crate train and is very people orientated he will do anything to please his mom and dad.

This is Hazel sleeping, I don't know what it is about Dachshunds but sometimes when they sleep or look out a window they will bend their nose up, which looks horribly uncomfortable but maybe its not, because they never act like it is a problem. My doxie's will lay in the weirdest positions but Piper takes the cake, I have never seen any dog that will totally pass out in the most uncomfortable positions. The picture from yesterday's blog should prove that, unbelievable!

Now this is a signature nap for Cashew, feet up in the air, sacked out. I think doxie's sleep like this a lot to stretch their back out. This also makes her belly very assessable in case you decide you would like to give her a belly rub. She is doing fairly well with Piper and I think they will eventually be good friends. She is just particular about who she accepts, she really doesn't like to accept anyone new, including humans. I just don't get it, Hazel and Cashew are blood sisters, raised the exact same way one loves everyone and everything and one hates everyone and everything. There is one thing Cashew loves besides her mom and dad and that is Grandma and Grandpa, oh say the words and she is dancing around the house telling you how excited she is. Crazy dog!

I wanted to post a video of Pei Pei posted below, such a charming Pug. I plan on dolling her up and sending some pictures to her dad, he should just LOVE that! Once Pei Pei is back with her dad I plan on getting another foster dog, I was told today we have 3 chocolate labs in the program now so if one of them is pretty low key, I might just have a chocolate lab as my next foster.

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