Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lucky Dogs

In my last blog I mentioned the dogs that were put to sleep at JCAC the other day, well one of them is a VERY lucky dog. Baxter was saved, only because they ran out of time to finish the euthanasia that evening and held him over for the next day. Thanks to Ellen, our fearless leader of the Senior Dog Project, he will be coming to our group tomorrow. She checked around to find out if any of those dogs that were taken to be euthanized were still alive, Baxter was! Thank you Ellen, Baxter is a VERY lucky pooch!

I have heard from Diana, Marco Polo's new mom. She is now calling him Marco Wilby, and has sent me a few pictures of this cute boy. There's one of him peaking out from behind the blinds. He is progressing well, and even went on a day out the other day. According to Diana, he sat on her son in law's lap and seemed to enjoy it! That is a break through for Marco Wilby, he has always been very fearful of men. He is enjoying his groom time, and Diana no longer has to corner him to pick him up. She said he is really starting to like the cat also, he just can't quite figure out what it is. Marco is also a lucky dog, once used as a breeder dog in a puppymill and then thought to be unadoptable, but now in a wonderful loving home for the rest of his life! I wish they could all be as lucky as Baxter and Marco Wilby, but we have to celebrate our victories and forget about the failures.


  1. YAY for Marco and Baxter! Nice to see some good news!!

  2. Wow - what a great story. We were just talking the other day at the event about how he had been considered unadoptable for a while. He really clicked at your home and blossomed. You're so great Becky!