Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wow....Its Been Awhile

I can't believe its been a month since I blogged, I have opened my blog a million times intending to write but then I get totally side tracked. A lot has happened in this past month, I'm not sure I can remember everything but here we go......I think I last left you with wondering if Toby and Rosie (the Pom Poms) had found their new homes....well as I predicted they did and both seem very happy and are adjusting well to their new spoiled lives. Rosie is now named Mini and Toby is named Sukoshi. Thankfully Amy decided to continue to foster, we need all the fosters we can get to help as many animals as possible. Once Mini and Sukoshi were taken care of she took in 2 ADORABLE Pom puppies, check out their picture! The sable one is named Tonka and the cream one is named Cotton.

They both went off to their new home this past Sunday and foster mom has shed a few tears since then. They were very lucky in the fact that they have a great family with a boy and girl to play with and a mom and dad that just adore Poms and here's the kicker, they got to go to a home together, so now they will really be brothers forever! Amy ended up keeping them longer than expect because before we could get their vetting done poor little Tonka came down ill but he recovered within a few days, thankfully. Pheww that was worrisome, we all know how quickly puppies can go down hill.

So on the very day that Tonka and Cotton went off to their new homes Amy picked up 2 more Poms....I've found getting another foster right away helps with the pain of missing the ones just adopted. These 2 also came from a life of breeding, but seem to be fairly social and should adapt quickly to life in a home. Here's a picture of Buddie, a sable and white Pom. He has a gorgeous coat, especially after his talented foster mom got him all groomed up. He's a bigger Pom, guessing around 12-15lbs but he is going to make a great companion for someone.

Then theres Ladie, she is so cute and super duper sweet. She's a black and tan Pommie, and once her hair grows out completely she will be stunning. We think she's pretty cute the way she is though ;) We do know she loves food and is quite the piglet. Both of these guys will be off to the vet next Tuesday.

Dooley is still with us and is doing very well with his training. He is also blowing his coat and what is coming in under that is a totally different coat. It has a lot more blonde in it and is shorter. We're still waiting on his perfect home but I know it will come, some just take a little longer than others. Right now he has been with us for 4 months,  way to long for a great dog but I've found a lot of the truly great ones take a while to place :)