Sunday, August 8, 2010

Joyful Weekend!

I really wasn't sure we would have a good adoption weekend because of the tax free weekend and everyone preparing to send the kids back to school, boy was I wrong! Yesterday Senior Dog had 7 adoptions, that is not counting the planned adoption of Max. Today we had a 3 adoptions and a couple that may turn in to adoptions! One of the adoptions was Daisy the Corgi mix, I talked about her in one of my past blogs, her owner past away and when the family took her in they locked her away in a crate in a dark garage for 6-8 weeks. This girl was un-trusting of people at first, once she got in her foster home, she was like a new dog! Daisy was adopted today by her foster parents, and all were very happy at the new prospect of life. There's a picture of them today. Happy tails to Daisy!

Piper made it through her first adoption event, I think she done very well, she was unsure at first in fact I had a hard time convincing her to leave the house this morning. After being there a short time she was socializing with people and dogs. One in particular was her favorite Saburo is the red standard that she came in with at JCAC, they hadn't seen one another for about a week, wow was it a great reunion, they whined and wiggled with joy. Piper had to take a long nap today, of course I joined her :) those adoption events wear us out, human and dogs alike. I am just so overjoyed this weekend for all the lucky pups that found their new homes, to think they went from unwanted to cherished pets. Couldn't be happier!

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