Monday, August 16, 2010

Comical Pooches

Just about everyday I am reminded how comical these dogs can be, I mean if I need a little comical relief I need not look any further than these pooches. Take a look at this picture of Piper on the left, I know its not the most girl flattering position but tell me, does that even remotely look comfortable?? She was sleeping, now how in the world could you sleep like that? Dachshunds are so comical to me as a breed anyways, but these guys usually get me laughing at least once a day, with their goofy antics. Piper had to have a bath yesterday because when we went to the custard shop she managed to get a big goop of caramel on her head, by morning time it was so stiff you could break the hair off.

This week I am dog sitting for my brother in law, he has a cute as a button Pug named Pei Pei. There's a picture of her that I took the other day. This dog is very special to me for a couple different reasons, Pei Pei was a breeder dog in a puppymill and I was lucky enough to be able to personally go to the puppymill auction and save her. I got her vetted through Senior Dog and was able to foster this girl before she officially got adopted by my brother in law. To see her bloom from a dog that had obviously never been on grass before to a dog that is loved and cared for and lives to play with her toys means more to me than words can express. This girl is SO comical, now if you have never been around a Pug you don't know what you are missing. I have never been a big fan of the breed, never thought they were all that cute, but I have totally changed my thoughts on Pug's, thanks to this little girl. She is hilarious, and such a good girl, she has been putting her self to bed around 10:30 every night. She goes to her crate and goes to sleep, she has shown very good house breaking manners since she has been here also. My brother in law struck gold with this one and I have to admit I am a little envious. I will post some video's of Pei Pei in this weeks blogs so you can get an idea how adorable this girls personality is. I am not sure how anyone lives without dogs, I know I could never live without these comical pooches.

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