Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Welcome Gemma and Mr. Teddy

Last night I went and picked up the scared little poodle from her foster mom and also picked up Mr. Teddy, who has been adopted and is much loved. Mr. Teddy was one of my previous fosters till his mom adopted him about 6 months ago, he is only here for a week because his mom has to go out of town on business. We decided to dog sit him because he is such a good boy and we enjoy having him around. Gemma is the name of the little poodle I am now fostering, she is beautiful but petrified of humans. There's a picture of her. I don't know what this poor girl has been through but obviously its been very hard on her. I spent a little time with her last night brushing and petting her. She relaxed a little bit while I was brushing her and actually laid her head in my hands. Say a blessing for this little girl, that she can turn around and realize life with humans is not that bad.

Gemma was a breeder surrender, the breeder had obtained her from another breeder when she bought her whole breeding stock of poodles. Gemma was lucky to get out of that environment, now we just have to convince her that life as a loved dog is good, and shouldn't be scary at all. Gemma LOVES other dogs, which might be the one thing that helps her turn around. This morning we went outside for potty time and I was shocked when Gemma ran up and stopped right at my leg, I put my hand down and she bear hugged it with her front paws. She really wants to be normal, she is just having a hard time getting over her past. Right now she has to stay on a cable lead at all times, I look forward to the day she doesn't have to have that on her. I will keep you posted on Gemma's progress and will post a picture or two of this darling Mr. Teddy this week, get ready for some serious cuteness!

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  1. I think when these terrified dogs see how much the other dogs in your house love and trust you, it goes such a long way in helping them become "normal." She's so precious!! I'm sure she'll do great your home, you have a special touch with these scared dogs.