Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To get started.....

Just to start my blog out, I thought I could give you a insight to what my life entails on a day to day basis. My husband and I have 4 dogs of our own. Duncan (seen below) was our first love.

He was a rescue puppy we got when he was 8 weeks old, his litter was left on the side of the highway in a cold, wet box to die. He is now 9 years old, and the most perfect dog ever, well in our opinion anyways. Later I'll dig up some old pics of him when he was a baby, they are too cute for words.
Now on to the rest of the crew.
Isabelle (pictured on the left) was our next love, she came into our lives when Duncan was 4 yrs old and I was going through being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and although she was a lot of work, I think she was the reason I kept going. She is a Silver Dapple long haired Dachshund. She is our high maintenance child, always wants something, whether it be a bone or going for a car ride but we love her just the same.

Then came Hazel (to the left in black and white photo) and Cashew(below) , my 2 nut babies :) they are both long haired Red Dapple Dachshunds. They have been just a pure blessing, Hazel is our lover, she loves everyone and everything and Cashew is just chucked full of personality and is very particular of who she keeps company with from humans to animals.

We also have 3 cats, they live on a separate level of the house because they are too old to put up with all the doggie ruckus. We actually only had 2 cats originally but then my parents decided to retire and travel, so my childhood cat came here to live out the rest of her days, without the hassle of traveling. Their names are Simba, Zues aka Lumpy, and Missy. All good kitties that enjoy not having to deal with the dogs :)

I began my crusade to save dogs the day I ran across a ad on craigslist. The ad was looking for a foster to take in a dog from Jefferson County Animal Control before he was put to sleep. I responded to the ad and was told that dog was safe but there were many more at this facility that could use a foster home. Hence my crazy life began, don't get me wrong I wouldn't have it any other way but some days are better than others and usually the good days out way the bad. I got my first foster from this facility, a wonderful 8+ year old german shepherd mix I originally named Sasha but then much to my surprise found out she was a he :) and his name changed to Tug. You see Tug was very overweight and very hairy (probably had some chow chow in him) so after a day or so of watching him hike his leg in the back yard I realized he might be a boy. Tug was long ago placed in a loving home in Columbia, MO but I still miss that boy, he was such a pleasure to have around.

Since Tug there has been many fosters come and go in our home, some I thought I could never let go of but once their new home come along I realized I was just being selfish and they would have a much better life without the ciaos my house is most of the time. Right now I have 2 fosters, more about them later.

My days consist of answering emails, fielding phone calls, begging rescues to take dogs from JCAC (Jefferson County Animal Control) and transporting dogs to rescues. Plus keeping my crew happy here. Speaking of phone calls, just got a call from Adel one of the volunteers at JCAC, we have to start a heavy plea to rescues, there are several innocent animals to be put to sleep tomorrow and we just have to get some out! I also got a call today from a man wanting to locate a dog that I had transported recently to a rescue in Texico, IL , he was interested in adopting. I hope that works out, if not I am confident this dog will find a wonderful home.

Till next time, give your furry friends a BIG hug and kiss.


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