Thursday, July 29, 2010

Take a Deep Breath

This week has been CRAZY and that's putting it lightly! Since my amazing adoption of the year on Monday, I haven't been able to take a deep breath. Seriously its been non stop, since Monday I have received and responded to well over 800 emails, 50 plus phone calls and ran out a tank of gas. To rescues that probably is not a busy week, but I'm not a rescue, I am just a "rescue person" what ever that means. Throw a bad cold and painful neck and shoulders in the mix and well its been almost unbearable. Today I went out to JCAC and pulled the 2 doxie's for senior dog, they are at the vets tonight and will get all their vetting tomorrow morning. One of the doxie's is coming here, I am just so excited to be fostering another doxie, they are my passion. She is gorgeous and I can guarantee she won't be around for long! I will be sharing pictures of her on my next blog, I have decided to name her Piper. The male is going to one of our other doxie loving fosters, right now she has named him Saburo, he is a red standard and quite the hunk!

I also pulled a chocolate lab (pictured over there) for a lab rescue over here in Illinois, sweet little female that will make some family very happy. She had what we think are really bad allergies, her eye's are all swollen and red, poor girl, she'll get the treatment she needs now.


  1. And you thought your life was boring! ha! keep up the awesome posts Becky! and great job at the twitter frontier!! :)

  2. Hey Becks: Hang in there. You are not "just" a rescue person. You are a RESCUE ANGEL.