Friday, July 9, 2010


This week there was some discussions in the Senior Dog group about chickens, we have a few fosters in the group that have farms. It made me remember when I was younger, we had chickens. One day my dad went out and bought a bunch of little chicks and told me I could pick one out to be my own. I can remember sitting next to the box looking at all these chicks, in reality there was probably only 25 chicks but when your a child everything is dramatized by 10, so to me it looked like hundreds. I carefully picked up each little chick, looked it over carefully till I found the one I wanted to call my own. I will never forget my grandpa (papa) saying, "Out of all those chicks, I think you picked the ugliest one". I told him he might be ugly now but you watch Papa he will be the prettiest one when he gets bigger. I named him Sylvester, he was a Rhode Island Red rooster, and what do you know that chicken was the prettiest out of all of them! Sylvester was a pet to me, he was with me practically all day everyday. Seriously that bird would sit on my lap and loved to be petted, he would follow me everywhere and when I would go inside he would get up on the railing of the deck and peek in the window looking for me. I truly loved that bird! He certainly had his problems, when he walked he would always step on his own toes and at times would trip himself. Crazy bird.

Today has been a rough day, some volunteers worked very hard to get a dog out of JCAC that had a broken jaw and while in surgery the dog past away. Some days its almost to sad to carry on, I am not only sad for this innocent creature but sad for all the others that didn't and won't make it out. I still remember all those that didn't make it out, their faces haunt me sometimes.


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