Monday, July 12, 2010

Leaps and Bounds

For the first time Marco jumped up in the chair with my husband, its a big break through for this little guy that is so haunted by his past. I am convinced that he thought my husband had food, but none the less, he still jumped up there, which is a first. I keep wishing this little man would find that perfect home, he really has so much love to give, its certainly not his fault that he has so many demons. In this picture he is napping with his collection of toys, I love the way his tongue peeks out when he is sleeping really hard. The tough part with Marco is he is very deceiving at adoption events, he can appear to be very social but once you get him alone, one on one, things change. For the first 3 days he was here he ran like he thought I was out to kill him, I had to leave a leash on him at all times if I wanted any chance of catching him. I would assume that anywhere new he goes, he would react the same way. Its hard to make people understand the fear that some of these little puppymill guys have. Marco worries me a lot, wondering if those perfect people will ever be able to find him.

Payla on the other hand, loves everyone. She has made some leaps and bounds also, today potty training has finally started to sink in. She has started using the puppy pad, and is going outside to do her business, no accidents in the wrong place. She still has a long ways to go, but I was very impressed with her today, and it always makes me feel proud. I took a video today of this happy go lucky girl, playing outside and just enjoying being a loved dog. She is sure to make her new mom and dad very happy!

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