Thursday, July 8, 2010

The good and the bad

Today didn't go by without bad news, there were many adoptable dogs put to sleep today at JCAC. In my mind I know that they can't all be saved but in my heart I know these creatures were put on this earth for a purpose, to be loving companions to us, humans, but ironically us, humans, are the ones that cause this tragedy and loss of life. These are the days I feel like a failure, these are the days I hold my precious pups tight and thank god they are with me. Until we can convince people that spay and neuter is the answer to population control, this will not change. All we can do now is work for the ones that are still there, and pray a angel comes to save them. We did get good news though, Lowe's is donating many supplies and workers to help improve JCAC. This is much needed improvements and I want to thank the person that mentioned JCAC to Lowe's and suggested that maybe Lowe's charity could help JCAC.

Tomorrow I have to take one of my fosters to have her sutures removed from her spay surgery. This poor girl had a rough time with surgery, I believe she has a allergy to anesthesia but she is doing well now and back to her playful self. Payla is just over a year old, Havanese and a puppymill survivor. Thanks to St. Louis Senior Dog Project I think she made it out without too many mental scars caused by puppymill practices but not without physical scars. The group was told that Payla's mother chewed most of her back foot off at birth but she is thriving and learning to use that foot when on soft surfaces. She already has a new adoptive family but we are waiting till they get back from Texas to complete the adoption. This is a picture of Payla to the left, I just love this picture, she looks like she is having a good laugh and we all need a good laugh sometimes.

My other foster is Marco Polo, I know, its a funny name. He is also a puppymill survivor. Marco the Chihuahua was not so lucky, he definitely has mental scars from the puppymill but spending 6 yrs as a breeder who can blame him? This boy is so scared of men, I think he would rather run through a wall then come close to them. He has been with us now for over a month and still has not come around totally to my husband. I think my husband is offended by that, but with my imagination, I have dreamed up the reason he is like this, the mill he came from was ran by a man, and probably the only interaction he had with that man was to be picked up by the scruff and thrown in another cage to mate. I can only guess what has caused this fear in him, and I don't think I would really want to know the truth. I love this dog, fears and all.

I usually have at least one big dog foster, but Marco restricts what I can take in, he does not like bigger dogs but by miracle he has come around to Duncan. All dogs love my Duncan, he is so laid back but can play with the best of them even at 9 yrs old. Speaking of Duncan, I dug up a few old puppy pics of him, this is him on the left, learning to sit. Below is just cute picture of him, he used to fall asleep in my shoes to be sure I would not leave with out him knowing. He is just a dedicated companion, and I just don't know what my life would be like with out him.

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