Friday, July 16, 2010

Never Too Old

I have been trying and trying to get a really good picture of Marco Polo, one that really shows his personality and adorable ears. I think I finally got it! He has the cutest ears I have ever seen, when you talk to him in a really girly shrill voice they really perk up and his eye's just sparkle. I wish more people understood how great these older pets are! They are never to old to give or accept love, they don't chew the house up, and they still greet you at the door like you are the best thing since the hot dog. Please give a older pet a chance, you will be a better person because of it! Take a look at all the wonderful available babies through the St. Louis Senior Dog Project St. Louis Senior Dog Project is having a big adoption weekend, both Saturday and Sunday at Kirkwood Petco

I have run out of resources to help the babies at JCAC, all the rescues are full, and no one is pulling. I am now being forced to use our social networks to get the word out about these kids. I hope something helps, anything. Today I started using Twitter to tweet about the needy animals in the state of Missouri for Last Chance Pets, I will mainly be focusing on the ones at JCAC. You can follow @LastChanceMO. Twitter is a real learning curve for me, but I've always heard your never to old to learn new things, boy do I hope this is true.


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