Monday, July 19, 2010

No Worries

I got a email today from one of the Senior Dog fosters that a adopter of mine came into Petco this weekend. They adopted my foster Soclo now Snowcone back in February of this year. I have been very worried about him because I had emailed the adopters a few different times recently just to check on the boy and have never heard back from them, apparently their internet has been down for some time. I was so worried in fact I was considering going by their house to check on him. He is doing well, and they say he is the best dog and they love him to pieces. All my fosters are special but there are some that take a piece of your heart with them, Soclo was one of them. He was one of the most gentle dogs I have ever met, and to think how close he came to leaving this world is what keeps me going everyday to save as many of these babies as possible. That is how he got the name Soclo, because he was so close to euthanasia. He was in JCAC for a long time, waiting to be saved, we finally got a facility in Quincy to agree to take him, then he would have gone to a rescue in Chicago. I picked this boy up from JCAC with plans on him staying here for a few days then driving him to Quincy, well I couldn't do it, he was too perfect. So St. Louis Senior Dog Project agreed to take him into rescue and I would foster him. The family that adopted him are perfect, he has his own 8 year old little girl to love and play with. Soclo is a perfect example of the wonderful animals that end up in the shelter, most of them have nothing wrong with them, they just had bad humans that didn't keep them safe or dumped them.

I like to keep in touch with all my foster dogs family's, I think its my duty to make sure the dogs are in the best possible home and that if that ever changes I need to be there for these innocent babies.

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