Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Its OK"

Right now I have 4 dogs attached to me, you see my Duncan has been afraid of thunder storms since he was about 4 yrs old, while we were gone one day lightening hit our TV and that was that, he trembles and vomits now when a thunder storm rolls through. We have him on a medication to help him stay calm. Marco came to me scared of storms but Izzy and Hazel have recently began to show fear also. I think they are all feeding off of one another, so when a storms rolls through, I have to make sure all 4 are able to crawl on me. I find myself doing what I know I am not suppose to do, telling them "Its OK babies", I can't help it, I just want to comfort them and make that fear go away. Its been worse lately with the 4th of July holiday, I can't say I blame them, loud bangs scare me too! I am attempting to go to a adoption event today with Marco but I am not sure that I'm going to be able to make it out the door, they don't make it easy to leave.

Yesterday's weather was a far cry from today's. I actually took a day away from the dogs (shh don't tell anyone) and enjoyed some boating with the family. I did manage to get a few tweets and emails sent out. Of course I didn't totally get away from all dogs, my brother and soon to be sister in law brought their Beagle baby with them. That's him over there on the left. This was his first boating trip and I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself. However I don't think he enjoyed us making him get in the water from time to time to make sure he stayed cool (pic of that below). I found myself then telling him "Its OK", I know better then to comfort fear, I guess its the motherly instincts in me.

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  1. Although he did not like the water, I do think he enjoyed himself. He got a bath this morning and was NOT happy about being in the water again. :)