Sunday, July 11, 2010

Going Through the Motions.

Tragically one of our fosters was killed in a auto accident yesterday on her way home from a adoption event. A beautiful woman that I had only met a couple times but she was always so inviting to talk to. Her twin sister also fosters for our group. Today us fosters went through the motions of taking our fosters to the adoption event, but this tragedy laid heavy on all our hearts. Many prayers to the family and friends.

Tonight I will be going through the motions of getting my plea email together to send out to rescues in hopes some of them can help the dogs at JCAC. Right now, things are tough, it seems all the rescues are full. It doesn't look good for the babies that there right now, but we have to try, we have a great bunch of volunteers at JCAC, but we could always use more. If you just want to go out a time or 2 a week and walk some dogs, give them some love and biscuits or if you want to help transport a animal to rescue. We could really use the help. If you want to learn more about the volunteer program or fill out a application please go to:

Some days I just need to cuddle with my doggies, it tends to be very therapeutic for me. I mean how could you not feel a little better after cuddling with this? (Isabelle after a morning romp in the yard) So if your feeling down, grab your pooch/pooches and snuggle up, I bet you will feel better soon.


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