Thursday, July 22, 2010

Starting A New Chapter

Today I went out to JCAC to check out some doxie's that came in. Both are very cute and friendly, and if they aren't claimed or adopted we should be pulling them next week. I will be taking the female, she has a beautiful brindle coat and is scared but being locked up in that noisy, stinky place who wouldn't be scared?? The other doxie is a beautiful male standard, you don't see standards much anymore but I think they are the healthier of the doxie breed. Both may have been breeder dogs, the female looks like she has had a litter or 2 and the male is unaltered. So hopefully next week they will start a new chapter of their life.

Payla will be starting her new chapter on August 1st, that's when we are finalizing her adoption and she gets to go to her new forever home. I am happy for her, she is luckier than most, she doesn't have a lot of mental scars from her life in a puppymill and she is young, she didn't have to spend most of her life there either. I think she looks pretty happy being a loved pet, don't you? She is flourishing into a beautiful loving companion, and I can't wait to see her start that new chapter, I know it will be better than the first one.

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