Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Room PLEASE

Right now I am stuck in limbo, Payla is still here waiting for her new mom and dad to come back from Texas and I need to take another dog, I just don't have room. Everyone has their personal limit they can handle at one time, my limit is 6, I had 7 for a couple weeks not long ago and thought I was going out of my mind so I have to stick with 6. Right now there are so many great dogs at JCAC its so hard to stick to my limit. There is a beautiful English Pointer, pictured on the left and I have also heard there are 2 doxie's there. I would prefer to take a smaller dog or should I say Marco would prefer I did but look at this girls face, I can't bear the thought of her not making it out of there!

Speaking of being out of room, we need MORE fosters! If you have ever thought about fostering, please consider it. It can be very rewarding but you must love the animals and understand that none of them are perfect, but none of us humans are either. Seriously we are these babies only hope at a second chance, look at this girls face and tell her she doesn't deserve that second chance.

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