Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chance at Happiness

I got an email from a rescue that I had transport to just the other week. The rescue is in Texico, IL just past Mount Vernon, IL. The founder of the rescue was so happy she had saved this darling girl now named Amber. She said Amber was a awesome, gentle girl, that appeared to be housebroken and knows several commands. She gives hugs on command also. Makes me wonder why no one ever come to look for this girl? She sat in JCAC for weeks and was very close to euthanasia. This is a picture of Amber, isn't she just beautiful? Amber is one of the many that have ended up in a shelter or animal control facility, but she is one of the few that has made it out. Now she will have a chance at true happiness, hopefully for the rest of her life and never has to end up back in a shelter.

JCAC is overflowing with puppies, these babies lives just started and they deserve their chance at happiness also. To start your life out being in a animal control facility just doesn't seem fair. Of course there is nothing fair about any animal ending up at a shelter.

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