Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bad Girls!!

Hazel and Cashew broke out of the yard, so I went for the run of my life. I let them outside to do their evening business and seen them chasing a rabbit in the yard, I monitored the situation till the rabbit made it safely out of the yard and the dogs seemed to be calming down so I went inside. BIG MISTAKE! I heard Isabelle at the door barking her head off, so I knew something was wrong, she always tells on the girls when they get out of the yard because she is too fat to fit under the fence or between the gate. I realized the gate was locked and had to run back inside to get the key, I found Cashew at the end of the block sniffing up someones back yard, so I leashed her and went on the hunt for Hazel. I found her the opposite direction in someone's front yard, Hazel is not easy to catch, her nose hits the ground and she hears nothing. While she chased someone's cat into a back yard I was chasing her, I didn't want her to get out of my sight. Well 4 blocks, and many falls later, I caught her. I ran through mud, fell down hills all to keep this little booger safe. It didn't help I had flip flops on. The picture above is after their fun adventure, they are happy and me not so much, after they were home and safe the anger set in, the anger comes from how scared I was that one or both were going to get hit by a car or chewed up by another dog. They obviously thought it was funny, they couldn't quit wagging their tails at me once at home.


  1. Goodness!!! Sounds like you had a very eventful evening. Need the fence fixed now?

  2. Well I think they knocked the block over that covered the gap between the gate and the fence, they will be monitored closely till I make sure that was the place they got out!

  3. Aw,I know that feeling entirely to well. Hope you are not to banged up. Those bad little nuts. Glad you are all OK