Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Problems, Problems, Problems.......

Isabelle was having problems with her back legs yesterday and it scared the daylights out of me. The reality is she is a Dachshund, she is STILL slightly overweight and she jumps around like a monkey but it doesn't make it any easier to think of her having a back injury. She has been on a diet now for over six months and I can only see a slight difference in her appearance. I cried most of the day yesterday thinking that we would have to make that dreaded trip to the vet to get a x-ray to then start on our journey of dealing with a back injury but the anti-inflammatory medication must be helping, today you can't tell there was a problem. I am trying to restrict her activity but if you knew my Izzy you would know that is almost impossible.

I took Marco Polo to the vet today because his teeth were already looking bad and he just had a dental done in March. Marco has a pretty progressive gum disease which will require some high maintenance to keep his mouth healthy. So we need to develop a plan for Marco that works.

I love the Dachshund breed but they are certainly not for the faint hearted. My girls find the absolute stinkiest, grossest things to roll in. Their favorite, dead, ripe worms. If it used to be alive and stinks to high heaven then it gets rolled on and hey even sometimes they eat it after wards YUCK!!! It is nothing for me to have to bath the 3 of them once a day, and yes I have even had to do it twice a day. Today was one of those days, I had to bath the 3 of them not because they were due for a bath but because they found "perfume" in the yard. Oh well what else do I have to do :) ???

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