Monday, July 26, 2010

On a High

I was not going to blog tonight because I am so tired but yet I can't sleep, still on a high because Marco was adopted today! I really still can't believe it, I could not have asked for more for him. The adopter is a single woman, still working but close to retirement, no men or children in the home AND the only other dog is a small 9 year old female named Winnie. She also has a cat but a very dog savvy cat. Its only the best for her babies, which of course I LOVE! I told her the good, the bad and the ugly about Marco Polo which she understood and still wanted to adopt him. Now I no longer have to worry so much about Marco, I will still worry but at least I know he is being loved right now, that I am sure about! In our conversations the adopter said she has taken many of her family members pets when they become unable to care for them because of being put in a assisted living facility etc, 1 in particular struck me, it was a Chihuahua that you practically couldn't touch or he would bite you. She said I just excepted it but knew I could never let him be killed because his human couldn't care for him anymore. That's when I KNEW for sure this was the right home for Marco Polo, she accepts the animals for what they are, and knows they aren't perfect. Marco is far from perfect, but he still has love to give and can still make a great companion for the right person.

I being the worried mom had to call already to check on Marco. He is doing great, him and his new canine sister were already running and playing with each other, in fact Diana told me she went to the bathroom and when she opened the door there sat the cat (Tuna), Winnie and Marco all in a row like ducks, just patiently waiting for her to come out. I can't even put into words how much this adoption has meant to me, I think it was meant to be and am very thankful! So happy tails to my little Marco Polo and I pray he has sweet dreams and a wonderful life!!!

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  1. YAY YAY YAY YAY! Go Becky! Congrats to Marco, hope he has a wonderful life!