Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Recovery....

As I said in my last blog I had 2 full days of activity and now it is time to recover. Friday's auction was very unorganized and a little disappointing. We arrived at the auction around 7:30AM on Friday, and walked around to visit and look at all the dogs, most appeared in decent shape and seemed fairly outgoing. There were a lot of rescue people there, but also a lot of breeders, including the Amish. In my opinion some of the Amish are the worst of the worst when it comes to breeders, I frequently get emails about them shooting their dogs, in fact recently I remember one in particular that made his own gas chamber and gassed 78 adult dogs and 15 puppies because he was being forced to treat them for various diseases. I believe this man got no more than a slap on the wrist, as usual, even though he MURDERED 93 living beings.

The prices were more than most rescue's could afford, and the Amish were paying $800/$900 for some dogs. We did have a few rescue victories, ALL of the Dalmatians went to rescue, there were 5 total, Senior Dog got 1 and the other 4 females went to a well known rescue here in St. Louis. We got a few Cocker Spaniels, only because some very generous rescue women donated money for us to be able to afford them and St. Louis Senior Dog Project was able to get the oldest dog that the breeders had, he is a 12 year old male Yorkie and yesterday was his lucky day, probably the luckiest day of his life! He will now know the way real pups are suppose to live, with a abundance of love, food and comfy beds.

On Friday we were able to save 6 from the mill life, to these 6 dogs this is remarkable but as a rescue we were disappointed that we weren't able to save more, but yesterday brought better news. I counted a total of 17 dogs that St. Louis Senior Dog Project was able to save and offer a whole new life too! So that meant that yesterday we saved 11 dogs. I am very proud of our group for withstanding these 2 long days, even though it had its fair share of disappointments we hung in there and made a difference. I'm proud of our fosters for stepping up to make room for these dogs, a lot of them didn't technically have the room, but have made the effort because they believe that these dogs deserve better.

The newest addition to the Davis pack is a little female Papillon that we have named Apple. She is 6 years old and will make a awesome baby for someone. We will be sure to do everything in our power to assure her the best life from here on out, because she deserves it! I can't even explain to you how sweet this girl is, she loves giving kisses, she sits on her rump with her front feet in the air begging you to pick her up and love her. She is going to need some dental work done, her teeth look pretty bad but we'll get her all ready and healthy for her new life, as a baby instead of a baby maker.

Today I'm trying to get the pack situated after a long couple of days and get the new addition acclimated, we are going to sit down, eat some candy and popcorn and maybe even enjoy a scary movie or two.

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