Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yesterday I stopped by a event in Hillsboro, MO held by Canines In Crisis Inc. to drop off some baked goods, they were having a adoption event and bake sale to benefit a dog they took from JCAC, named Jack. He is a middle aged shepherd mix that had to have his back leg amputated, the vets think this is a very old injury, poor Jack has been suffering for a long time but now is off to a better life, he is still recovering from his surgery but I just know Jack is going to soon feel better than he has in a very long time. It makes you wonder Why? Why was Jack never treated for this injury? He must have belonged to someone. Speedy recovery Jack, you have a lot of people who love you and are pulling for ya!

After I left that event I drove over with Piper and Radar to 4 Muddy Paws, where our group was having an adoption event. I didn't stay long but it was very relaxing just the little while I was there, I really enjoyed it. They have a nice patio, where the people can sit around and talk and the dogs can run and play freely. Piper seemed to enjoy just walking around sniffing the new area and meeting some new friends. Four Muddy Paws is a kinda one stop shop for pets, they have self grooming, supplies, etc. They have 2 locations, one is located in Lafayette Square in the city and we have have a location here in Edwardsville, IL.

We have so many great dogs in our group, some that I'm not really sure why they haven't found a home of their own yet. Here is one of those great dogs, CoCo, he is very friendly and handsome. We were told he was 10 years old when he was dumped in the shelter by his so called owners but this boy acts and looks like he's only 4 or 5 years old. He is a Pomeranian that has so much love to give and you can bet he will be your best friend. He's house trained, has manners and is good with other dogs. Oh and did I mention he has a lot of love to give :) ???

Here is another one of those dogs, Natsumi, she is a beautiful Cockapoo, that has some vision problems but that doesn't stop her one bit!  She needs drops in her eye's a couple times a day and requires a home with out steps but she is also very friendly and has lots of love to give. She is a middle aged girl who was turned into the shelter also. Here's another bonus with Natsumi, she doesn't shed!! 

Then there is Summer, a beautiful long haired standard doxie that is overweight, she weighs 44lbs, when she should be 25lbs. How a dog gets that grossly overweight I'll never know. She is really sweet and of course beautiful! She was found roaming in the park, most likely dumped. Summer is friendly with other dogs, house trained and loves to give kisses! She needs to stay on a strict diet with exercise incorporated into her routine. I didn't get any pictures of Radar yesterday, he was too busy hiding behind my chair! Overall he done pretty well though, we just need to continue with the socializing. He is having some issues with separation anxiety right now, we are trying to desensitize him by leaving for short periods and returning, it seemed to work for a little while but lately he has been pooping in his crate, whether we are gone 15 minutes or 2 hours. I'm not just talking about pooping in it, he must be having such a fit that there is never any turds left in it, its nothing but poop prints and smears all over the crate and him, lets just say he's had to have a bath 3 times in the past week. UGH 

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