Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where Do My Days Go?

I wonder where my time and days go, sometimes it seems I blink my eye's and the day is gone! I really hate that winter is just around the corner, because it seems like it takes so long for spring to come back around. Last night we had a wicked storm come through, it didn't last long but it certainly blew some big limbs out of the trees, I spent some of today picking up the limbs in the back yard and the dogs helped, well I'm not sure that help is the right word for it, but they do enjoy chewing on a good stick and/or limb. Here's Piper with a toy and a leaf! All of these guys here love sticks, except Duncan I think he has figured out there are better things in life than a stick! I enjoy watching them play in the yard, I really get a kick out of watching them grab a limb that is triple their size and attempt to run around with their heads high in the air.

The other part of my day was spent cleaning the house, brushing the dogs and cleaning ears. Now if that doesn't sound like fun, I don't know what does! I did take some time to attempt to get a family picture of all the doxie's, it took up a lot of time and I still didn't manage to get all of them in one picture :( I really need a army to help me keep them all in the same place. So eventually I gave up and just took some single shots, I promise one day I will get a family doxie picture of ALL 4 girls together, but not today :) Here's the Princess Isabelle, she is feeling much better, in fact I think the antibiotics are amping her up! She has been wild acting, even for Izzy.

I haven't dressed Cashew up yet in a Halloween costume, sometimes she just likes to be by herself and usually its when I am dressing the dogs up or grooming them, she quietly sneaks off to the bedroom for some R&R. I did buy some new dresses the other day for the girls, they had them on clearance for only $4 because they are spring/summer apparel, so of course I had to snatch a few! Here's Cashew modeling one of them, I think she looks darling and she seemed to prance when I put it on her too! That would be Hazel's nose in the top of the picture, wondering why the dress wasn't on her and why I wasn't taking a picture of her! Ahh sisterly love :)

So yes I know now where my days go.......to the dogs, just as my life, and that's a good thing!

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