Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Day Before....

I am anxious for tomorrow, I entered the Shelter Fan Photo Contest a couple of weeks ago and tomorrow the top 10 finalists will be announced. I am praying Piper's picture lands us somewhere in the top 10, I know its a stretch since there are TONS of people that entered but I can hope right? This is the picture I entered. Once the top ten are announced, they are guaranteed a $25 gift certificate to the Animal Rescue Site. I can always find something on that site I can't live without :)

I of course want the #1 spot, which will be determined by the fans votes SO if I get in the top 10 I will be pleading like crazy for you and everyone you know to vote for Piper because the #1 spot gets $2000 donated to the rescue of their choice, of course I chose St. Louis Senior Dog Project. I will be disappointed if I don't at least get in the top 10, I mean really how much cuter can you get? Well of course I am a little bias, she's my baby :) I'm also preparing to do some baking tomorrow for a bake sale the group is having on Thursday.

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