Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Doctor Visit

Saturday I noticed Isabelle wasn't feeling well, at first I thought it was her belly but soon realized that the glands in her neck were swollen the right was more swollen than the left. She was eating fine, but moving slow and was having a hard time barking, it was more of a squeak instead of a bark. I started her on a antibiotic and she was much better by Saturday night and even Sunday. Monday she was not feeling well again so I called the vet to discuss and get a appointment, I also started her on Previcox, a anti inflammatory and pain reliever,  by the afternoon she was feeling much better but decided to keep my appointment for today, just to make sure. I have been so upset over this, worrying about cancer or some other horrible disease, my husband says I ALWAYS think the worst. I can't help, I feel like if I expect the worst, I will be really relieved if its not really bad. Here's a picture of Izzy while we waited for the blood work to come back. After the blood work and exam the doctor is pretty certain its a infection either of the salivary glands or of the larynx, and it doesn't seem to be affecting any other lymph nodes, so they changed her to Clavamox for another 7 days and she gets the Previcox for another couple days. If there is still a problem by next week she'll need to have a biopsy done on the lymph nodes, but I am very hopefully that it is a infection that will clear up. PHEW what a relief!

Most of the time I think I am my worst enemy, I worry almost obsessively when one of my babies aren't feeling well, and I generally cry a lot, I can't help it, they are my kids and I want them with me as long as possible. David thinks I am a flake, he doesn't worry usually unless its warranted, I really wish I could be that way sometimes.

There has been some other happenings in the Davis household, Radar played a game last night, and it wasn't a fun one, well not for me anyways. I took all the dogs out last night for potty breaks around 9pm, and Radar decided he wasn't coming in. Unfortunately I don't keep a leash on him anymore because I haven't had any problems with him coming in on his own, till last night. I had also already taken a sleeping pill, in hopes of getting some real rest last night, HA! He played this game ALL night long, which means I was up and down all night trying to get him to come in, chasing him around the yard, trying to lure him in with goodies, none of it worked till around 6am, he decided he had enough and he would come in. I have no idea what got into him but have decided he won't go out at night again unless he has a leash on him, he acted like it was a game, wagging his tail, running around the yard, he would stand on the steps wagging his tail and looking around like, I dare ya try to catch me. Oh life is never boring in the Davis household!
The first post I did of this blog, some readers couldn't read it, if you can read it will you please leave me a comment :)

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