Thursday, October 28, 2010

Going Places...

First off I wanted say, man is cold outside!!! Brrrrr, the dogs notice it too and are spending a little less time out there, a couple of them sported, sweaters, t-shirts or dresses today. Piper especially, since she is short haired she gets cold quick, she is out there for a minute and starts shivering. Tonight I'm getting prepared for a very long day tomorrow, I'm traveling with Ellen, the leader of St. Louis Senior Dog Project, to Mexico, MO for a HUGE kennel dispersal auction. They are auctioning over 800 dogs off, and rescues from all over are coming to save these precious lives from going back into the breeding system. Its so big they have to spread it out into a 2 day event. Not all but most of these dogs are older and most of them have spent their whole lives breeding, our hope is to save some of these babies, and prepare them for life as a loved pet.

A few of us are also preparing to do a Proposition B informational event on Saturday at Treats Unleashed in Chesterfield, MO from 11am-3pm. We'll have a few of our puppymill dogs there, handing out information and answering questions. We hope with this being so close to the election that we can make at least a few people aware of Proposition B and maybe it will stick in their minds when they go to vote. Oh and our mill dogs will be dressed up for Halloween! You can come out to support us, and give some love to our mill babies. Some of these mill dogs are up for adoption, maybe you'll find your new best friend also!

Technically, I don't really have room for another foster but I feel so strongly about this Mexico, MO auction that I will most likely come home with a small dog.  The main reason I feel so dedicated to this auction is because I have been one that strongly supports the closing of puppymills, so if I support that action, I need to help some of these dogs get to safety in rescue. I feel its my part, if the rescue world doesn't help these innocent animals, what will become of them?? Some would go back into another mill and others, who knows.....I don't want to know but what I do know is that we need to be there for these animals after we have fought so hard to get them out of that life.

I hope you enjoyed a few pictures I took of the girls today. I won't be posting for a couple days, but I will update you on the Mexico auction as soon as possible.

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