Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sigh Of Relief

Today I am taking a HUGE sigh of relief that Prop B passed in Missouri, this is a big step towards the end of  puppy mills neglecting and abusing dogs. At first it wasn't looking good, the Yes's were way behind and it gave me a sick feeling in the pit of stomach, wondering if this doesn't pass what is the next step? Thankfully we don't have to worry about that now, now we just have to make sure that Prop B is enforced and that the Department of Agriculture has the man power to enforce it. This means so much to all these dogs out there that live their lives in cages, being bred every heat cycle, and not getting vet care that is much needed. For me seeing first hand the physically and mentally scarred babies that come out of these mills, it was a no brainer but I know and have talked to some people that were being paranoid, that the government was going to start controlling their farms, taking away their right to hunt etc. Let me be clear, Prop B does not effect ANYONE but dog breeders, and if you are breeding right, it won't effect you at all! 

My foster puppy mill survivors are doing well. We are still working with Radar and his separation anxiety, he has good days and not so good days but we try to focus on the good days. The running from me once it gets dark out has ceased, thankfully! I have no idea why he started that and also have no idea why it all of a sudden stopped but we are grateful it did. Most of the time he is a happy, waggy pup that really seems to enjoy life, except when my husbands around. There is no other way to put it, he HATES David. I don't think this is ever going to change, we have tried everything but really it seems to get worse than better.....sigh

On the other hand we have Apple, now she LOVES David, which he is thrilled about. Its not often we get a foster dog that really, really likes him. She is a very loving girl, and right now we are working on potty training and getting used to the crate. She really doesn't ever want to get in the crate, I think it has more to do with just wanting to always be near or by us than anything. I know soon she will be in the bed with us but right now I'm trying to give her a few restrictions. We are also working on getting her used to a leash, its slowly getting better. Apple is going tomorrow to get her vetting done, as long as she is feeling good by Sunday I plan on taking both her and Radar to the adoption event. She's a good little monkey that I just know will steal someone's heart!

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