Friday, October 1, 2010

Ahh Progress.....

Today little Radar has made some progress, he is really started to enjoy human touch and will approach me frequently. Its so nice to see these guys as they progress and blossom. Tomorrow he goes for his first car ride since coming here, he is visiting the vet to finish all his vetting. Hopefully the ride won't be too stressful for him, however I do expect a little stress. He is starting to actually get semi comfortable on my lap also.

 Here is a video I took today of him playing with Piper, he has played with Hazel and Duncan also. He is really starting to trust the dogs and understand they aren't going to hurt him. I am hopeful that this little guy will be actually ready for a new home in a couple of weeks, but he'll get as long as he needs here. He is doing fairly well on housebreaking but seems to have some anxiety when being left alone in his crate and will go to the bathroom then, hopefully with time he will learn that he doesn't have to do this, we will ALWAYS come back. 

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