Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wiener Boo Fest

I took Hazel and Piper to the Howl O Wiener party today that was put on by the Gateway Lo-Downs social group at a place called Happy Dog Spot. It was hilarious to see all these doxie's running around in costume, I enjoyed my self and I think the 2 girls did also. There's Hazel dressed up in her pumpkin costume, she had a hat that went with it but it wouldn't stay on, every time I would get it on she would shake her head and it would fly across the room, oh well. She generally stayed close to me but every once in a while I would see her roaming around the place checking things out, her favorite was going outside and seeing the big dogs in fence next door, and as a true doxie she went over to tell them who she was and they better not mess with her HA! If those dogs were on the other side of the fence I can guarantee you she would have been wetting her self.

Piper was a social butterfly, a very hungry social butterfly lol. Every time I looked around she was either trying to jump to the human food table to grab a cookie or she was mooching off of someone that was eating. At one point she was really pestering this woman so I walked over and apologized for Piper's behavior and picked her up, I walked across the gymnasium and after a while I put her down, only to see her run across the room back to the same lady, what a mooch! Here she is dressed as a lady bug. I tried giving Piper some Dramamine before we left today because she will get car sick sometimes, well the Dramamine didn't work, there is no wonder she was hungry she lost her dinner on the way. Piper really loves kids, there was one little girl there and Piper would not leave her alone, she would follow her around and stand up to try to kiss her, or maybe the little girl had food??

My only complaint about the event was that it didn't last long enough, I could of hung out longer just watching all these wiener dogs run around! I love this breed, even though they are not for everyone, they are definitely the right breed for David and me. We love all of our babies, wieners or not!

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  1. I'm surprised it's still legal to have that much fun! haha Hazel and Piper are so different!! Hazel is very dignified and regal and doesn't want to bother herself with those beneath her. And Piper isn't like that at all - she'll accept attention and food from anyone. They're such cuties.