Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall and Halloween In The Air

I love this time of year, I love the weather and watching the leaves turn colors and fall. Unfortunately my sinus's don't like this time of year, the allergies wreak havoc on me. The dogs LOVE this weather also. Izzy is feeling much better, actually by the day I took her to the vet she was already feeling better, she is back to her usually crap disturbing self, which we love! You can tell in this video that she is "back in action" hehe.

I was on the waiting list to go to the Howl O Wiener party with the Gateway Lo-Downs on Sunday, and got news today that we get to attend!!! I am SO excited, I had to decide which 2 doxie's I would take and the decision was Hazel and Piper. Izzy CAN be the fun police sometimes, and I don't want her ruining the fun ;) and well I don't take Cashew to these social events because well, she isn't social with other dogs or humans. I can't wait to show you guys pictures of Hazel and Piper in their costumes, I have to say they look awful cute! I'm also excited because a few of my friends will be there with their doxie's or foster doxie's so I can have some fun also :)

I was going to take Radar to a adoption event on Sunday till I got this news. He is doing really good besides a few issues we are still trying to work on. I am actually really confused by one of his issues, once it gets dark out, he doesn't want to come in and runs from me, so once the sun goes down I have to put a long lead on him so I am able to catch him. I know it sounds weird, I would have no clue why he does this and honestly it has me stumped. He is such a character, I'm trying to catch a good video of him running around the yard with a toy in his mouth but have yet to accomplish that.....maybe tomorrow. 

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