Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Its Been A Loud Day...

I first wanted to take a minute to officially congratulate my brother and his fiance on their engagement, since they just got their engagement pictures done. They are a great couple and they compliment each other wonderfully. I know they are looking forward to their life together and we are looking forward to officially welcoming Kristi into our family. I personally feel very lucky to have a soon to be sister in law that has become a great friend to me. Congratulations Corey and Kristi! Oh and great picture Copper head :)

 There is something to this cooler weather that gets the dogs all fired up! Today they have been almost non stop playing which is both entertaining and LOUD! If you have ever heard a bunch of doxie's playing you know what I'm talking about, they almost sound like pigs, its funny to hear them root and talk to one another. In this picture Izzy and Duncan are playing tug o war, for a brief time Izzy was being pulled around in the bed. Izzy gets upset if Duncan plays with any of the others, she will bark her head off at them till Duncan comes over to play with her, she loves her brother and they have formed a VERY strong bond together. He tries to be a tough guy with her but always gives in to what ever she wants. She not only has US wrapped around her little paw but also the other dogs! Just to give you a idea of how loud a house full of doxie's can be, I took this video, be sure to turn your sound up so you can hear the crazies :)

I took down Radar's x pen the other day and he is doing fine without it. We are working on getting him to come around to David, he is still very fearful of him, so everyday we have him sit on Davids lap for a period of time. I really hope he comes around to him, my poor husband, somehow we always end up with dogs that are fearful of men, I think it really hurts his feelings. If Radar only knew that David would be his best friend, it seems he is always the one that shares his food with the dogs, especially the foster babies :)


  1. You know, Becky, the same thing with Joey. I always get surprised because I look at him as a kid, but since he's taller than me he resembles a full grown man to a dog! David is a good guy for working with Radar.

  2. Thanks for blogging about us Becky! I am SO lucky to be joining your family, I love you all so much!