Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adoption Event Yesterday

Yesterday we had a decent adoption event, there were a few adoptions and unfortunately a few returns but why I think it was a good event was because Radar did very well. We only stayed a couple hours but he did really well and I think the next event he attends he will be able to with stand the whole event. Thanks Kim for sending me these pics of Radar :) He does much better on the days I take him out and about, he of course has his moments of uncertainty but usually it resolves fairly quick and once we get home he is more loving and social. He gets a whole lot of attention at adoption events, so my hopes are once he is really ready to be adopted it won't take him long. My husband still hasn't managed to get through to him yet, but hopefully it will come as everything else does, with time. I have a feeling he has had a bad experience with men and is slow to trust them.

I think we are making some progress with house training also, I don't want to jinx it but he has had NO accidents in 2 days and has mastered coming in the house all on his own. We need to work on getting him to go out on his own, if I pick him up and sit him on the top steps going out the door he will go down the steps to outside but he won't approach it on his own. Today I am finishing up dog baths and taking down the xpen, another adjustment for him but he needs a break up in his routine, he is VERY routine orientated as most dogs are but Radar relies on it more than most. Here is a video of him taking a treat from me in the kitchen, sorry for the bad video but I have to focus on him more than what I am doing with the camera, he is still afraid of the camera. Oh and excuse my moochy dogs :)

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  1. Oh those doxies! hahahahahaha they are jumping all over the place just to get a treat!!! Moxie will sometimes try to use Liam as a platform :) Glad to see Radar is doing well, I am going to post his picture update on facebook :)